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Richard M Ramsbey
My Father Richard Ramsbey was drafted 6 months out of High School. He was tested and given the choice of RTTY repairman or RADAR Service Repair (Dad build a lot of radios since childhood so well versed in radio circuits.) So he asked what is RADAR? This was Top Secret at the time and he was told "It a radio direction and distance set" and Dad replied "That sounds interesting I will do that." After many schools and training he was sent to England with 1052th Signal Group, After D-Day they were transferred to Belgium to a German Airfield (7 days after the Germans were pushed out) which is where they stayed till VE Day. After 2 weeks days off they drove to Southern France and got on a ship to go to the Philippines. On the trip they dropped the Atomic Bomb while they were waiting to get through the Panama Canal. After Japan surrender their ship was order back to New York and the War was Over. Did came back and worked for Bendix Energy Control and Brake and Struct divisions for 40 years and was able to retire till his death. I learned a lot from him over the years and we both had a love for radios and electronics, hence me becoming a Electrical Engineer myself. I miss all the stories and conversations we shared over the years on long trips to Ham fests and flea markets looking for radio gear.
Tolbert J Neibich
c. 1924 - 1981
George Melton Parker
1921 - 1993
Whalen Leon Parker
1924 - 1981
Jacob Henry Baer
1915 - Jul 8, 1986
Joseph "Joe" Charles Cola
Aug 20, 1918 - May 3, 1991
Lawson Duncan Hollingsworth
R. H. Hollingsworth
Manuel Iturreria
Joel Gomez Espinoza
Lloyd Anthony Parker
Kathleen Harman Moore Headstone
Dean Edward Megee
Felicia Yrigoyen
Alonzo Church Headstone
Whalen Leon Parker WWII
Viola Pollock Headstone
Arthur Flowers
Evelyn Rabbiosa
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