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Updated Jul 03, 2020


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Early Hutchinsons

These are the earliest records we have of the Hutchinson family.

1350 - 1425
1613 - Aug 10, 1689
1687 - Jul 10, 1748
1737 - Nov 2, 1781
1787 - 1858
1801 - 1885
1802 - 1880

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Hutchinson Biographies

Unknown - Unknown
Mar 27, 1944 - Aug 21, 2008
Oct 16, 1916 - Mar 10, 1999
Sep 20, 1890 - February 1964
Jul 23, 1902 - June 1974
Sep 22, 1932 - Dec 2, 2007
Sep 3, 1921 - Feb 24, 1993
Mar 6, 1929 - Mar 22, 2007
Dec 31, 1927 - Jun 30, 2004
Aug 14, 1893 - November 1984
Apr 9, 1919 - May 2, 2000
Apr 10, 1963 - May 1994
Jul 9, 1887 - June 1969
c. 1965 - Unknown
Jun 4, 1925 - Jun 22, 2007
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1917 - Unknown

Hutchinson Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Hutchinson family member is 69.0 years old according to our database of 20,031 people with the last name Hutchinson that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.0 years

Oldest Hutchinsons

These are the longest-lived members of the Hutchinson family on AncientFaces.

Dec 20, 1868 - January 1977
108 years
Jan 28, 1905 - Feb 28, 2011
106 years
Jul 9, 1893 - Aug 26, 1998
105 years
Nov 9, 1891 - Dec 30, 1996
105 years
Oct 17, 1894 - Jan 14, 2000
105 years
Feb 13, 1893 - Jun 23, 1996
103 years
Dec 16, 1901 - Mar 23, 2005
103 years
Sep 28, 1893 - Oct 23, 1996
103 years
Jan 16, 1897 - Jun 26, 2000
103 years
Aug 17, 1897 - Aug 18, 2000
103 years

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Nancy Dalle
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Choate / Choat
My mother’s father was Charles Choate. (Also listed as Chas L Choate)
Charles Leslie Choate was born in Caro Tuscola County Michigan on the 7th of December 1888.
• He is one of three children born to William M Choate and Sabrina Hutchinson.
o His siblings were Frank, William and Arthur.
 Arthur Frederick Choate was born in Almer Twp Tuscola Michigan on the 1st of October 1890.
 Still researching William Choate.
 Frank Choate was born in 1890, he Married Mamie McAlpine on the 26th of February in Owendale, Huron County Michigan, they had three children Ruby born in 1917, Frank born in 1919 and Ruth born in 1923.
o Michigan records show that his parents were William and Ceprino Choat.
• Charles married twice, first to Edith B Wallace (Daughter of Thomas Wallace and Martha Guthra) on the 21st of June 1913 in Lapeer Michigan.
o Charles and Edythe had four children, Genevieve, Violet, Carlton and an infant not named. Edythe died in childbirth for the fourth child; she and the child are buried together in Lapeer Michigan.
• Charles then married Rosa Cain (Daughter of Albert Cain and Rose Robinson) in Flint Michigan on the 27th of February 1926.
o Charles and Rosa had nine children.
o Charles helped Rosa raise her son from her first marriage; John Benoit.
• 1918 – WWI Draft Notification for Charles L Choate.
• 1920 Census Bay Michigan shows Charles, Edythe, Genevieve, Violet and Carl.
• 1930 Census show him living in Flint, Genesee Michigan with Rosa, Genevieve, Violet, Carlton, John and Leslie. The first three children are from Charles first marriage, the forth child is from Rosa’s first marriage and Leslie is the oldest of their children.
• Charles Leslie Choate died on the 26th of August 1957 in Michigan.
o He was 69 years old.

William M Choate was born in 1849 in Germany, exact location and date is not known at this time.
• No information has been found for Parents or siblings.
o I have found some references to a Hiram Choat (No E on the last name), he is from Prussia the right age and is from the same area in Michigan and he had a son named William that would be the right age, but I have not confirmed this yet.
• William married Sabrina Hutchinson (Daughter of Russell Hutchinson and Elizabeth Patterson) on the 4th of August 1887 in Almer Michigan.
o (Tuscola County, Michigan Dibean Marriage Index - William Choat (no E0 and Sabina Elen Hutchinson, witness were Matilda Choat and Albert Greenwood, have not found the connection between Matilda and William, could she be a sister?
o William and Sabrina had three children.
• In the 1880 Federal Census District 196 Big Prairie Newago Michigan – there is a William Choate 35 a Hired man, single, laborer, from Prussia. Could this be our William, if so, then his birth date is off by 5 years.
o In the 1920 Federal Census District 4 Brookfield, Huron Michigan there is a Frank A Choate which fits the right age for his son.
• William died in 1909, in Michigan.
o He was 59 years old.

Possible Research - - Buried in the Fremont Township cemetery at Mayville, Tuscola County, Michigan – # 48

William D Choate b. 22 Aug 1822, d 21 Jan 1898 75y, 5m /
Cordelia j Choate, b (approx 1826) d. 29 Jun 1867, 41y 11m 10 d w/o Wm D
Charles L Choate, b (approx 1861) d. 6 Apr 1872, 11y 4m 21d only s/o Wd & CJ
Sarah E Bryant, b (approx 1850) d 10 Dec 1868, 18y 3m 11d d/o WD and CH Choate

There are also many Choate’s buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Monroe County – how and if they are related is not known: Emerson Choate, Louisa Choate, Mary Choate, N Choate, and Samuel Choate.

[external link] t
The following Choates were found here – they are most likely related to our William.
Annie Choate Married George Taylor 12/25/1884
Ellen J Choate married Alva Andrews 11/26/1874
George A Choate married Minnie Beyett 08/20/1884
Jennie E Choate married Lucius E Holland 10/15/1876
M J Choate married H L Beyett 11/15/1881
Mattie Cordelia Choat married Isaac Arthur Veitch 03/02/1871
Minnie Choate married B C Martin 12/25/1884
Sarah Eliza Choate married Alison Bryant 02/09/1868
William D Choat married Mary J A Edwards 02/28/1871

No additional information has been found for the Choate name. Further research will need to be conducted at a later date.

Web Links Used for Research
[external link]
[external link]
Jul 28, 2008 · Reply
There was an Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson (1591 - 1643) who was tried in colonial times for herasy and banished from Boston. She was married to William Hutchinson (1590 - ?) and migrated from England to America in 1637. She was expelled from the province after being tried for heresy and sedition. (She was a midwife.) With some friends she acquired territory from the Narragansett Indians of Rhode Island, and set up a democracy (1638). After her husband's death (1642), she moved to a new settlement in what is now Pelham Bay in New York State, where she and most of her family were killed by Indians.

A statue of Hutchinson stands in front of the State House in Boston, Massachusetts. The inscription on the statue reads: Anne Marbury Hutchinson was killed by Indians at Pelham Bay, Long Island Sound, in what is now the Bronx.

As a child, walking through the Boston Gardens, my father used to show me the statue and tell me that she was an ancestor in the Hutchinson family. Then again, I was also told that my great grandfather, or perhaps great, great grandfather (Hutchinson) jumped ship and swam to the Maine shoreline. I would only have to go back perhaps 4 generations from my grandfather, George W. Hutchinson (1868-1900) to find Anne Hutchinson. History could surprise me if I am able to trace back far enough!

In 1987, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis pardoned Anne Hutchinson, in order to revoke the order of banishment by Governor Endicott, 350 years earlier.
Mar 26, 2010 · Reply

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