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The Scoborio last name, while sounding Italian, seems to have the highest density of residents in Western Europe and Australia.

Note from THE STORY OF WARRNAMBOOL BOTANIC GARDENS: In 1872 Charles Scoborio applied for, and was reappointed as curator. He remained as curator for 34 years, retiring in 1906. Scoborio was a Cornish man, but even his own family believed stories of his Italian heritage.

It was generally believed that the family was of Italian origin of a romantic kind, but...research in
Cornwall revealed that the family name Scoborio, appeared in the parish registers in Cornwall as far
back as records are available. So it might appear that an Italian father was an invention.
Veni Scoborio to Marie Ziebell June 1998


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Name Origin

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Spellings & Pronunciations

Alternative spellings of Scoborio are: Corio, Solorio, Rosario and Orio.

Nationality & Ethnicity

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Famous People named Scoborio

Amanda Hunt, a British actress, was recently featured on ITV's DNA Journey. On the show, she was taken to Battersea Dogs and Cats home. Upon arriving at the home, she said "“We can’t possibly have links to there, or that would be mad. I’ve been an ambassador there for years”.

Once there, it was revealed that Amanda’s ancestor was Thomas Scoborio, who also had connections with the RSPCA, and then went on to Battersea. In 1877 he was appointed Battersea’s first chief executive.

Her reaction? “No he b****y was not, oh my god, are you kidding?” was Amanda’s reaction, as she held back tears. Amanda’s ancestor Thomas was the first manager of the home, in charge of the whole operation.

A visually stunned Amanda was very emotional, and said: “I can’t actually believe it, and I’m part of it now,” as she is an ambassador of what is now the dog and cats' home herself.

“I have such a love for this place anyway, and I didn’t think there was any link,” she added.

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The average age of a Scoborio family member is 77.0 years old according to our database of 6 people with the last name Scoborio that have a birth and death date listed.

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77.0 years

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