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Ruth Simonsen commented on Jun 20, 2007
I was born Ruth Millard
Born 13.12.1943 in Blenheim New Zealand.
My anchesters Robert and Martha Millard lived in Kilmersdon in Somerset and my Great Great Grandfather Frederic emigrated to New Zealand in the 1870's to Waimea West in Nelson New Zealand
He was a farmer and he married Jane Maria Streeter who had emergrated to New Zealand from Kent. Frederic drowned in Waitti River in 1896
Their eldest son Walter was my Great Grandfather and left the Neslon area to Marlborough and in his early life was a shearer and he finally bought a dairy farm.
My Grandfather Walter Frederic was also a farmer in the Marlborough area and he married Katie Dick who's father came out to New Zealand for the Gold rush in Otago and he also settled in marlborough.
My father was Robert Millard only child of Walter and Katie
My dad was also a farmer
I lived with my grandparents all my of childhood on their farm with them
I married Ross Simonsen and we had a farm in the Marlborugh district till we retired
We have 3 girls named Shona, Wendy, and Kim
The family story that has been handed down the gererations is that our Millard family that came to England were Hugoenots that fled from France
They escaped in a hay cart with only their jewellery which they used as money
They paid a fisherman to take them to Guernsey and then on to England.
They were lace makers in France and 2 sisters set up a lace business in England when they finally arrived.

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