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Updated Feb 01, 2021


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Early Grays

These are the earliest records we have of the Gray family.

1355 - Jul 28, 1441
1378 - 1441
1475 - 1509
1480 - 1541
1514 - 1569
1569 - Unknown
1600 - Unknown
1620 - Jun 7, 1667

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Sample of 20 Gray Biographies

Mar 25, 1885 - Unknown
Nov 19, 1937 - Dec 19, 2007
Jun 20, 1913 - December 1982
Aug 4, 1904 - June 1982
Mar 8, 1932 - January 1996
Apr 15, 1959 - Dec 27, 2009
Jan 4, 1915 - February 1980
Dec 7, 1899 - November 1969
Jul 24, 1916 - May 18, 1991
Oct 21, 1894 - June 1980
Jul 18, 1918 - Nov 13, 1990
Apr 12, 1926 - Apr 6, 2006
Jan 27, 1935 - Jun 19, 1998
Aug 4, 1905 - Apr 8, 1996
c. 1949 - Unknown
c. 1953 - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
1959 - 1966
c. 1917 - Unknown

Gray Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Gray family member is 69.3 years old according to our database of 101,025 people with the last name Gray that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.3 years

Oldest Grays

These are the longest-lived members of the Gray family on AncientFaces.

c. 1806 - May 5, 1919
113 years
Sep 11, 1896 - Dec 27, 2005
109 years
Jan 1, 1880 - May 1989
109 years
Nov 10, 1897 - Jul 2, 2006
108 years
Apr 21, 1892 - Oct 23, 1999
107 years
Jan 1, 1888 - January 1994
106 years
Apr 15, 1890 - Oct 9, 1996
106 years
Nov 20, 1888 - March 1995
106 years
Feb 18, 1889 - Aug 14, 1995
106 years
Jul 3, 1881 - September 1987
106 years

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WilmaL Carnegie
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Rhonda Loraine Gray, daughter of Valerie Theresa Johnson and Ronnie Lee Gray of Memphis Tennessee seeking wherabouts of Ronnie Lee Gray. Had lived for a time in Las Vegas Nevada. Is also known to have relatives in the bay area of California. Grew up in South Memphis area near Lauderdale. Attended Southside High School. Has a brother named Mack Gray and another relative named Sybil Ann.

Rhonda has a son now 14yrs old named Matthew Johnson who would like to meet his grandfather
Ronnie Lee Gray who he has never met. Rhonda was raised in Los Angeles and only got to meet Sybil Ann Gray when she was a small child in Memphis. Rhonda"s aunt, Wilma L Johnson would appreciate anyone who has information about the wherabouts of Ronnie Lee Gray as this would make Matthew very happy to find his relative from Memphis and hopefully get to meet his grandfather. Please contacy me at 323-291-2707 in Los Angeles, CA or write to me at 1750 W. M L King Blvd # 307


Wilma L. Carnegie
Jul 08, 2008 · Reply
G.Rex Meyer
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In or about 1729 Robert Gray of Jamestown, Ireland, married Anna Nunn Of Hill Catle, Co. Wexford, Ireland. Robert was born in 1700 and Anna in 1698. They had several children, one of whom was Hannah Gray (born about 1724). Hannah was 4G grandmother of Rex Meyer. The Grays were prosperous members of a protestant Anglo-Irish family. Information sought about ancestors and siblings of Robert Gray of Jamestown.
Jan 17, 2009 · Reply
Renee Dey
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JOSEPH WATSON GRAY b: abt 1828 SC d: after 1860

SPOUSE: JOICE LANGSTON (dau of JAMES LANGSTON 1791-1879 and NANCY BURROUGHS b. 1798- d. aft 1880)

1. WILLIS GRAY b: 1847 d: aft 1887
Marr: Louisa Elizabeth _____
1.1 JAMES R GRAY b: 1869 AL
1.2 ZACHARIAH M GRAY b: 10 Sep 1870AL d: Jefferson County, AL. ZACHARIAH marr: Cecil Niles in 1898.
1.4 ROSA GRAY b: 1878 AL
1.5 EPHRAIM D GRAY b: 1883
1.6 MARIA ROMA GRAY b: 1887 AL
2. WILLIAM L GRAY b: 1849 AL d: abt 1877 GA
Marr: ELIZABETH GOULD (b: 1848 GA)
2.1 ELIZABETH CAROLINA GRAY b: Mar 1871 GA d: Aug 1969 Phoenix, AZ. Elizabeth married: THOMAS LEACH BRAKEBILL
2.2 MARGARET GRAY b: 1871 ga
2.3 MARY GRAY b: 1875
2.4 WILLIE GRAY(female) b: 1877 GA
3. HENRY GRAY b: abt 1852 in AL or SC D: 10 Nov 1918 Blount County, AL bur: Antioch Cemetery in Blount County, AL. (with parents (Joseph W GRAY and JOICE LANGSTON)

LUCY RUTH (MNU) Born: 15 Jul 1861 GA. DIED: 9 Dec 1935 Gadsden, Etowah County, AL. Her parents were born in GA. (no other info is known about her parents).
1. OLA Born: 1889 AL Died: abt 1906
2. EMMA Born: March 1892 Blount County, AL DIED: 24 Apr 1966 St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL.
EMMA GRAY married:
LEE WILSON PATTERSON Born: Jan 1901 Wilson County, TN and Died: 27 Dec 1951 Tuscaloosa County, AL(Bryce Mental Hospital).

HENRY and LUCY GRAY/GREY moved to Blount County, AL via wagon, approximately 1889 and they settled with a family named Solomon H Murphree of Murphree Valley, Blount County, AL. HENRY and LUCY RUTH worked on their farm for many years.

4. JAMES GRAY b: 1853 AL d: after 1896. Married: LUCINDA D.E.
4.1 JOICE GRAY b: 1872
4.2 JOHN GRAY b: 1878
4.3 LUCINDA D GRAY b: 1879
4.4 JAMES B GRAY b: 1881
4.5 LAWSON M GRAY b: 1885
4.6 LIM L GRAY b: 1889
4.7 BESSIE M GRAY b: 1892

Any further information would be appreciated email me at [contact link]
Apr 13, 2009 · Reply
Karen Williams
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I have hit a major dead end. I am trying to find information about Walter Gray. My uncle was Robert Patrick Gray and his father was James Robert Gray (TX 1925-AR 1975) and his father was Walter Gray. I have not been able to find any information about Walter except that someone said he may have been native american and moved to Arkansas from Georgia possibly. If anyone could please help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Karen Williams (Gray)

[contact link]
Apr 11, 2010 · Reply
Carol Magnusen
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My best suggestion is always to check the federal censuses. I use the free website Family Search ( Often a father or grandfather (as Walter was) was living with children. If you don't know what state, there may be a lot of Walter Grays, but it's a start.

Also, check the obituaries in the largest newspapers in the area where you think Walter lived.
May 25, 2016 · Reply
Robert Gray
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Jacob Gray was said to have come from Barnwell County South Carolina (son of Harold J. Gray).
Jacob Gray, Males, One 50 - 60, two 20 - 30; Females, one 40 - 50, three 15 - 20, and one 5 - 10.
South Carolina 1830 Census, Barnwell County

Jacob Gray was born on 7/3/1825 in Aiken, Barnwell County, SC and this is verified in the 1880 Tennessee Census. In 1850, he was living in Alabama, where he married Amanda Ross on 4/21/1850 at Deka AL . She was listed as age 15 in the Alabama 1850 census and Jacob as 20 years old. Both born in S.C. The head of house was listed as Mary H. Ross, 39; Elizabeth J. Ross, 13; Celia Ross, 2:
Alabama 1850 Census, Dekalb County, District 25, Post Office Fort Payne.

They had three children, William Alexander Gray (b 1852, d 1925 - AL), James Pinkney Gray (b 1855. d 1937 - Fayetteville, TN) and Oliver Perry Gray (b 1858, d 1913 - Fayetteville, TN). After his sons were born, the Civil War started. He was a Confederate soldier having enlisted with Company "B" 3rd Confederate Calvary in 1862 and discharged on April 15th, 1865. While in the service of the Southern forces his wife, Amanda Ross Gray died. Then the Yankees came and burned down his home.
After the war ended, Jacob Gray married again to Marry (Mary) Archer (b 10/28/1836, d 2/8/1882 - from Cemetery headstone) of Etowah County Alabama in 1865. Due to a great deal of friction or inimical feelings between Marry and the sons, the youngest two sons, James Pinkney and Oliver Perry went to Fayetteville Tennessee to stay with their aunt who married Tom Burgess . William Alexander Gray went to Jefferson, Shelby County. Rev. and Mrs. Jacob (Marry) Gray moved to the Liberty community where he started preaching at Liberty Baptist Church of Christ and Prospect Baptist Church of Christ. They are listed in the Tennessee 1880 Census. Jacob and Marry had two sons, Jimmy A Gray (b 1866, d ? Texas) and Samuel Sanford Gray (b 4/20/1869, d 5/1/1956). They moved back to Etowah County where Marry died and was buried in Lees Cemetery off Gallant Road about three tenths of a mile from their home at Brasher Springs near Ivalee Community, Atalla, AL.
Years later he moved back to Etowah County, AL, and married for the third time to Margaret Elizabeth Taylor (16) (b 4/11/1866, d 11/7/1936). They had four children, Leola M. Gray (b 1885, d ?), Harold J. Gray (b 1887, d ?), Clara Pallie Gray (b 1890, d ?) and Benjaman (Benjamin) Burl Gray (b 1895, d ?). Following Jacobs death, Elizabeth filed an amended application for Confederate Relief Pension in 1936 (original filed by Jacob in June 1899). She stated that Jacob was not wounded or captured. The Post Office named in the amended application - Nash was next door to Jacobs 40 acres of land. A new home was built on the same Nash site by James & Jean Walker. James Mother was a Conn and Samuel Sanford Gray married Susie Conn in 1889.

I have no record as to when Jacob was ordained as a Baptist Minister. He is listed in the Alabama State Convention annuals on page 177 as: J. Gray….Gadsden….1868 - 1871, and is listed in the Etowah Baptist Association annual reports 1896 - 1902 as an ordained minister, no church identified.

Jacob died (date ?) and was buried in Lee Cemetery, west of Atalla, AL.

Children of Jacob and Amanda Ross (Parents - William Alexander and Marry Watson Ross S.C.)
William Alexander Gray , Wife unknown had George William Gray (b 12/21/1878, d 8/10/1950) who married Bernie Estelle Gray (b 2/3/1880, d 2/12/1968). Their children are: Lola Belle Gray Gunn (b 3/1903, d 2/21/1987, Paul William Gray (b1905, d 1973 ?), George Lee Gray (b 9/9/1906, d ?) Gladys - Infant deceased.
NOTE: Will and Bernie buried at Gunn plot, Okland Cem. & Paul buried at Vallaha cem. Birmingham AL

James Pikney Gray, Wife Era Hicks (b 1860, d 1900). Children are: Herbert Hick Gray (b 2/16/1947, Bertha Gray (b 3/5/1885, d 4/15/1956), Staley E. Gray (b 1/31/1891, d 6/1/1956), Amanda Lou Gray (b 10/13/1894, d 6/14/1980), Walter Lee Gray (b 8/31/1896, d 10/16/1970) who married Eula Steadman (b 11/11/1877, d 12/14/1959) (2nd wife). Their children: Celia Gray (b 1/7/1909, d ?), Elizabeth Gray (b 3/27/1911, d ?), and J. P. Gray (b 10/8/1917, d 1/15/1963).

Oliver Perry Gray (b 5/27/1858, d 3/1/1913) married Elizabeth Bell Smith (b 10/7/1864, d 5/12/1935). Children: Edgar D. Gray (b 1883, d 1922), and William Riley Gray (b 11/13/1885, d 7/8/1967.
NOTE: Information on James Pinkey & Oliver Perry Gray's descendants from Bob & Leland Gray, 303 Green Street, Fayetteville, TN 37334.

The children of Jacob and Marry Archer:

Jimmy A. Gray (b 1866, d ? Texas) wife 7 children unknown. Jimmy left for work at the sawmill in the Ivalee Community, Etowah County one morning leaving a wife and two children and ended up in Texas. The family in Alabama never heard from or about him until after he died.

Samuel Sanford Gray (b 4/20/1869, d 5/1/1956) married Sussie Conn (b 8/16 1869, d 9/29/1960) on 7/24/1889. Children: Earl C. Gray (b 5/24/1890, d 8/26/1916), Henry W. Gray (b 2/8/1893, d 5/8/1960), Earah M. Gray Cornelius (b 1/9/1895, d 1975), Owen Nelson Gray (b 4/11/1897, d 6/27/1955), Hershel Gray (b 11/21/1901, d 1/7/1994), Howard Gray (b 7/20/1904, d 4/28/1963), Thomas S. Gray (b 7/12/1914, d 7/4/1986)

Transcribed by: Robert F. Gray 4/5/2003
Apr 15, 2010 · Reply
Robin Gray
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I am new to this site and would love some guidance on how it works and what to do. I do have some photo's of the Gray side of my family, but would love to see more and learn of others that may be related. I am building a family tree with all branches of the family, Thank every one who is willing to help. Robin Gray
Jun 05, 2014 · Reply
Kathy Pinna
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In general, the best way to find extended family is to share photos, stories, or biographies of your family. That way, others will see your submissions and respond to them!

Content Manager
Jun 05, 2014 · Reply

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