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Red-headed Alla Maymie Marrs born 18 Sep 1898 in Webster Co., Kentucky, was the daughter of Dockery jordon and Cynthia Barthena McClaire (nee Price) Marrs. On 1 Aug 1920 she married Harry Gulley in Perry Co., Illinois.

Maymie died of post partem thrombophlebitis, at that time called "milk Leg" on 25 Oct 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is buried in Harrison Cemetery, Christopher, Illinois.

After her death Harry could not take care of the children and work so they
were placed in an orphanage. He first tried to put them in the Lutheran
orphanage but they required the children be baptised and Harry was Baptist
and refused. So he put them in the Christian orphanage which charged $40 a
month for 8 children. Harry didn't always have the money so he would do
odd jobs for the orphanage to pay for it. Harry told Emma she was the
oldest so she had to see each of her siblings every day to make sure they
were ok, so she arranged to have chores so she could see them all. When
Harry married again, the kids were brought home two at a time, oldest and
youngest over several weeks.

Harry remarried 8 Jul 1932 to Irma Louise Benard. She and Harry had six more children of their own. The family thought Irma was a "saint" when she married Harry and took in Maymie's eight children.
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