Alonzo Rias Liabo or Luabo Leabo family photo
TerriJo Adams

Alonzo Rias Liabo or Luabo

I have possession of this photo and am trying to return him to his family. I don't have much information about it. On the bottom is written "Alonzo Rias Liabo" or it might be "Luabo". The studio stamp is "Pacific" in Forest Grove, Oregon, and there is a coat of arms too. On the reverse, someone wrote "Bloom" - it might be the photographer, since I have other photos with same name on it. ... show more

The Mystery

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Alonzo Rias Leabo born in August of 1857 in Iowa. Moved to Forest Grove where he married Ida and had child Bertha and Lloyd.
Apr 03, 2013 7:15 pm reply
Photo taken at Pacific Forest Grove, Oregon United States of America
Alonzo Rias Liabo or Luabo

Alonzo Rias Liabo

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Alonzo Rias Liabo