Lost & Found

Help reunite mystery or 'orphan' photos that have lost their families.
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Photos with the names and dates lost in history. Help reunite these mystery photos with their families.

This 'Lost & Found' collection is of photos found in antique shops, inherited from family members, or found in a shoebox that don't contain the names and locations of the people and places in the pictures.

Have photos you are trying to discover the story behind, or simply want to return these treasures to their families? Add your photos and include a description of the people in the photo, where the photo was found, and any other details describing the image like possible dates.

Tag your mystery photos with this 'Lost & Found' topic and over time you'll be surprised when someone identifies the photo and contacts you!
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The gentleman here looks very much like Will Rogers to me. This is a found photo and I have no information about it.
Just going by the woman's shoes, I am guessing photo may be from the 1910's but could be later. Unknown people.
Man finds a statue in the park that he could use for an unusual photo. Unknown man. Guess the 30's.
If the SD is for San Diego Padres then the earliest this photo could be is 1969 when they were first founded. Unknown boy.
This unknown soldier appears to be wearing a "doughboy" uniform. He could be American or French. I don't have knowledge on this subject. If anyone knows, please feel free to correct me on this.
Possibly on a college campus. Unknown people.
Have no idea where this was taken or when. Maybe someone will recognize the background. Unknown person.
Added Sep 18 by: Jesse Dean Williams
Jesse Dean Williams
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Unknown family posing, using a ladder to frame each face. Clever!
Don't know if she was an actress or perhaps a singer.
This is a photo of 1891 Young Boy Portrait added by Jesse Dean Williams on September 17, 2020.
Some of the members have been identified. The ball boy sitting is Virgil Lewallen. His father, the coach is the first man on the left, Red Lewallen. Third from left is Sid Blair. Fourth from left is Elmer Ellis. Eighth from left is Roe Sherrill. Ninth form left is Jack Charles Ingram. Twelfth from left is Pat Martin. Thirteenth from left is Herb Harris.
Unknown woman. This picture was glued next to an adoption notice In a newspaper, in hubby’s baby book from 1956. No one knows who she is/was. Hubby’s adopted mother has long since passed. This woman looks to be maybe in her 20’s or 30’s.
Added Sep 14 by: Eve Rudd
Eve Rudd
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Looking for more information on the Berman family from around Galati who immigrated to Canada then moved to Wisconsin and then Minneapolis. I figure someone else out there must have this photo.
Added Sep 13 by: Lisa Katz
Lisa Katz
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Belinda Vernon Close on the left. Person on the right is an unknown. Could be relative or friend.
People in this photo:
Dec 22, 1858 - Sep 24, 1926
Ethnicity hard to determine. The embroidery may be a clue. Are they hispanic, east european, or hawaiian?
Looks like one of them has something that the other one wants. Playing keep away?
This is a photo of Unidentified British Band added by Jesse Dean Williams on September 11, 2020.
Looks to be elementary school aged boys. Unknown city.
This is a photo of Alfredo to Lucella added by Jesse Dean Williams on September 11, 2020.
Five unknown people having some fun for their photo.
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