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A photo of Catherine Matheson with Marion, Martha, and Doris. This is a studio photo of my ancestor Catherine Matheson (born 1874) and her friends, possibly all teachers in New York, taken in the 1890s or 1900s.
I have drawn a blank with Catherine for a good few years and hope that the other young ladies in the photo will have some descendants who will recognise them?
The names were written on the back but unfortunately there are no Studio/Photographer names to aid further identification.
Thanks for looking.
at Manhattan, in New York, New York United States


AncientFaces Group of school teachers? This clever photo of Catherine Matheson and friends was taken in Manhattan New York in the 1890s. Catherine was a school teacher and the owner of the photo believes that the others might be teachers as well. Unfortunately, all that is known are their first names. If you have a Marion, Martha or Doris who lived and taught in Manhattan around 1890 in your family tree perhaps this is your ancestor!
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Overwhelmed by the response!
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