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Susan Schloss She was adorable and looked very happy.
Sep 10 · posted to the photo Joyce Benning, Seattle, WA 1931
Susan Schloss I was going to say, the bride has calla lillies, while the attendant has roses. I think the calla lillies are more expensive.
Sep 06 · posted to the photo Sophia Weidenbach Wedding
Susan Schloss 40s would be hair long, skirts short. 50s is hair short (mostly), skirts long. 60s hair long, skirts short!
Jul 14 · posted to the photo Phyllis Burnham
Susan Schloss Late 30s. Hair short, skirt long.
Jul 14 · posted to the photo Phyllis Burnham
Susan Schloss My Mother's mother had 8 children. Two of them died as infants or toddlers. My Father's mother had 3 children. One died at the age of 2. That's the way life was then. No antibiotics, no knowledge of germs, etc.
Jul 14 · posted to the photo Catherine Kate Lahiff
Susan Schloss I think the one in the middle moved a little.
Jun 14 · posted to the photo Henry & Elma Roth; Fresno, CA
Susan Schloss Beautiful couple! Beautiful clothing!
Susan Schloss That's why they made the rule: No more than one son can be in a war--I think that's right.
Mar 27 · posted to the photo Smith Brothers, WW 1
Susan Schloss I wouldn't want to be near Granny! In fact, all of them are quite angry/scary/mean-looking!
Mar 25 · posted to the photo Catherine (Barrett) Peddle
Susan Schloss What a great photo of a handsome young boy who was obviously loved a great deal!!
Mar 14 · posted to the photo Paul Duker
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