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Friends & Life Long Friendships

Friendships are the most important relationships, second only (sometimes) to family. These snapshots of buddies and pals are sure to remind you of your lifelong friends.

I get by with a little help from my friends. - The Beatles, 1967

Aristotle described a true friend as a “single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Time and/or distance don't matter in a real friendship. You can see each other once a decade and pick up right where you left off. Sure, common history may bind you but that history doesn't have to be consistent. What makes a true friend is a lot of other attributes: an interest in the same things, common values, supporting and encouraging each other, being committed to each others' happiness, and the same principles. A friend makes you be your best self. You laugh together, cry together, and have fun together.

A good friend will be there when you need help, will grieve with you at the loss of a loved one, accepts you for who you are, is loyal to you and your friendship, is always honest with you, and is someone you can always count on - in good times and bad. This poem shows how we feel when we are with friends:

The pleasures of friendship are exquisite,
How pleasant to go to a friend on a visit!
I go to my friend, we walk on the grass,
And the hours and moments like minutes pass.

- Stevie Smith

We make friends at school, at work, at play, at church, in the armed services and just about anywhere we go. Sometimes, our best friends are also family members. Celebrate friendship through these images of friends throughout time.

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A photo of Richard C Vorel with buddies John J. McGhee, Harold G. Johnson,... more
Shared on Jan 24, 2016 by
Taken in John Day, Grant County, OR in .
A photo of Frank Earl Lucas (far left) with his friends in high school ca.... more
People in this photo:
Shared on Jan 19, 2016 by
A photo of Ruth E Wheeler (left) and Bess Darn at Cedar Point, prior to 1924.
Shared on Jan 4, 2016 by
A photo of an two unknown men - 109
Shared on Dec 29, 2015 by
A photo of unknown girls - 171
Shared on Dec 29, 2015 by
A photo of Walter R Bosley. Hamming it up Onstage.
People in this photo:
Shared on Nov 11, 2015 by
Taken in .
Unknown family photo - no date, place or names. This one is a tintype... more
Shared on Nov 9, 2015 by
Taken at Manhattan, New York, NY in .
A photo of Catherine Matheson with Marion, Martha, and Doris. This is a... more
People in this photo:
Shared on Nov 6, 2015 by
Taken in NY in .
Rachel Easingwood's tenth birthday party, 1908, New York State.
People in this photo:
Shared on Sep 9, 2015 by
A photo of Georgia Spitzer and Olga V. Fegley. Georgia is sitting. Olga is... more
Shared on Oct 24 by
A photo of Jane Thomas and Lars Berge Karlsen [my step-father] Jane was Grace... more
Shared on Oct 13 by
A photo of Alfred Greenhood and friends
People in this photo:
Shared on Oct 4 by
Taken at Delmar Garden Midway,.
Unidentified photo from a box of old photos of Esther Garfinkel Soffar... more
Shared on Sep 21 by
A photo of Julia Gabriel (on the right.) at Grace Gabriele Svendsen Karlsen's... more
People in this photo:
Shared on Jun 29 by
A photo of Burt Litsky
People in this photo:
Shared on Jun 20 by