Our Best Friends Are Like Family

Updated on Dec 30, 2020. Originally added on Oct 13, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
We get through life with the help of our friends - school playmates, sports buddies, work associates, friends we've made as adults - and when you look back in time how many of our memories include our closest friends over the years?

There are many names that we call our friends - confidantes, kindred spirit, bosom buddy, pals, & chums just to name a few! - and some of our closest friends we consider to be family. But whatever you call them, wherever you met them, they are the people who bring joy to our lives and help us get through the tough times.

When browsing this collection of friendship photos taken throughout the past 100 years do many of them remind you of your friends?

Our Best Friends Are Like Family

On the stage with your friend

Darlene Doherty

This was their "poodle" act!

Childhood friends

Maria Poirson Carbonell & friend

1910 Barcelona Spain. Aren't they fashionable?

Hamming it up with a friend

Walter R Bosley

Walter R Bosley and friend


Buddies shooting it out?

Military Picture

No one's sure who they were but they look like they're having fun!

Friends celebrate your birthday

Rachel Easingwood, 1908

Rachel Easingwood's tenth birthday party, 1908

Teenage friends

Donnell Owne & Arlien Tatum

Donnell Frances Owen Huser and Arlien Tatum, 1920

Friends share your interests

Anna Byers and her Irish friends.

Workplace friends - a silk mill business in 1900


Friends have slumber parties

Alta Dillon slumber party 1898

Alta Dillion's slumber party, April 1898

Friends go fishing

Lucias Ellan Lucas & buddies

Oregon 1920

1954 California

Fishing Trip, 1954 California

Looks like a good haul

And friends go hunting

Unknown men

Unknown men - do you know what they were hunting?

Work friends

Catherine Matheson

They may have been teachers in 1890

Working on the railroad

Carsten Stueve

Carsten Stueve and friends, 1895 MO


High school friends

Frank Earl Lucas & friends

Frank Earl Lucas 1929 Oregon

Friends in WW 2

Ray Perry Eager, WW II

Ray Perry Eager 101st Airborne

Friends goof around

Ruth E Wheeler

Ruth Wheeler and Bess Darn 1924

And friends can be serious

Unknown men

Do you know these men? They're unknown but they look like good buds

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