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The first public school in the United States was founded in New England in the early 17th century. But the history of education is much longer than that, ranging back to pre-history when elders taught the skills needed for living to the young of their society.

This collection of old photos shared by the community is of school & class photos ranging from universities to grade schools to Sunday Schools, dating back to the mid 18th century, showing students, teachers, and the schools themselves. << Read less
A photo of Mildred I Kolves with her Kindergarten class of 1964/65.
People in this photo:
Mildred I Kolves
Aug 5, 1908 - Apr 1, 1999
Costa Mesa, CA
People in this photo:
Shared on Apr 19, 2013 by:
This was a picture taken of the school age children of Joe & Martha Phipps in Grundy, Tennesse in 1929: Alton Phipps, Virgil Phipps, and Vera Phipps. The rest of the kids and the teacher's name are not known. Virgil E. Phipps died in August 8, 1996. Alton L. Phipps Died April 29, 2006, and Vera Reed Died in Feb of 1972.
People in this photo:
Alton L. Phipps
Sep 1,920, 25 - Apr 29, 2006
Charles Van Vlack ~ La Cygne Rural High School, La Cygne, Kansas, USA. 1947
People in this photo:
St. Liborius School and Church, Steger, IL was completed about 1906. Steger was then a thriving area, centered around the Steger Piano Factory. Mr. Marconi's invention, the radio, dimmed the popularity of the piano, as well as the prospects of the town.
Elizabeth Jensen ~ 1942 Easter Queen of Marion High School in Marion Indiana, USA.
People in this photo:
A school photo of Esther Olivo Padilla.
People in this photo:
Shared on Aug 17, 2012 by:
A photo from the yearbook at Bellarmine College Preparatory shows some of the Jesuit staff that taught at this all boys high school in San Jose, California. From left to right: Fr. "Pop" Silva, Fr. McFadden, Fr. Capitolo, Fr. John Flynn, Fr. Lentz, Fr. Finsterbach and Fr. Geary (back right corner)
People in this photo:
Miss Lulu Bierman's second (?) grade classroom, Columbiana School, Ohio circa 1940.
People in this photo:
Shared on Jul 27, 2012 by:
Hospital Mascots ~ Cynda Fidler and Johnny Sharp. Photograph from the Good Samaritan Hospital of Lexington, Kentucky USA. 1955 yearbook 'The Nightingale'.
People in this photo:
This is written on the back: (1) Zelma and me (2 ) ( X) sister Reenea (?) Old Woodward Rural School, Probably 1917 - Miss Harris & Miss Coovert teachers No town or state listed. I would love to return this photo to a family member of any of these students. Judy email: cairnsrobby@hotmail.com I found this photo in Gruene, Texas. GRUENE ANTIQUE COMPANY (830) 629-7781. They have numerous undocumented photos.
Shared on Jun 1, 2012 by:
Dorothy Pachoud, Photograph taken in 1930 for The Summit Rostrum yearbook, Cincinnati Ohio USA.
People in this photo:
This was a picture of Jean Manke in her high school yearbook.
People in this photo:
Jean C (Manke) Creed
Apr 16, 1944 - Sep 11, 1999
San Gabriel, CA
A photo of Gloria J. Brock - Gloria’s high school senior photo
People in this photo:
Gloria J Brock
Dec 6, 1941 - Jan 12, 2002
Saint Peter, MN
A photo of Norman Ernest Pomrenke
People in this photo:
Norman Ernest Pomrenke
1930 - Aug 11, 2002
Saint Cloud, FL
Fr. Jerry Wade (tennis coach?!) found in the 1985 Bellarmine College Preparatory yearbook. Fr. Wade has been President of the San Jose, California high school numerous times.
People in this photo:
Fr. Jerry Wade
Born: Dec 12, 1937
The graduation photo of John Paul Doudell taken in the 1955 Bellarmine College Preparatory yearbook. The yearbook states: 1993 Coastland Ave., San Jose, California Sodality 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1; Varsity Football 3, 4; JV Football 2; 130's Football 1; Varsity Track 4; 130's Track 1, 2; Block B 4; Freshman Class Officer. General Diploma
People in this photo:
John Paul Doudell
1936 - Jan 30, 2005
Seal Beach, CA
The Santa Clara University graduation photo of Raymond John Doudell taken in 1967. In the yearbook it specifies that Raymond lived in San Jose, was a "Day Student" and received a B.A. in History
People in this photo:
Raymond John Doudell
1945 - Feb 6, 2015
Senior photo of Raymond John Doudell from the 1963 Bellarmine College Preparatory high school yearbook. This yearbook photo specifies that Raymond lived at 637 Minnesota Ave in San Jose, California and was a member of the Science Club 2 and received a Classical Diploma.
People in this photo:
Raymond John Doudell
1945 - Feb 6, 2015
A photo of Armand Kunde in his high school graduation yearbook taken at Lincoln High School in 1951.
People in this photo:
Armand Kunde
Born: Jul 28, 1932
Del Monte Forest, CA, United States
Found in an antique store. The original has gone missing. Dan appears to be wearing the uniform of a military academy. The back only has his vital statistics. Perhaps it was kept in the school records? "Age 13 1/2 years; height 5 feet 8 1/2 inches; weight 141 pounds"
People in this photo:
One-room school house in Little Greenbrier Cove, Sevier County, Tennessee
A photo of Sylvia Molina Wyatt - 1973 freshman choir Gilroy high school back row left corner. My mom loved to sing in the choir when she was a teen at church she's 16years old here
People in this photo:
Sylvia Molina Wyatt
Born: around Mar 28, 1957
Bill was a quiet & shy child who was mostly interested in reading. He attended public school until his parents sent him to the private Lakeside School in Seattle Washington where he was introduced to computer programming and met Paul Allen, his later partner in founding Microsoft.
People in this photo:
Bill Gates
Born: Oct 28, 1955
A photo of John Hrinishin
People in this photo:
John Hrinishin
Oct 30, 1920 - Sep 14, 2015
New York, United States
A photo of John Hrinishin
People in this photo:
John Hrinishin
Oct 30, 1920 - Sep 14, 2015
New York, United States
High school yearbook photo of Dennis Washington.
People in this photo:
Dennis R Washington
Born: 1934
Missoula, MT, United States
A photo of Ambrose Gordon Jr III
People in this photo:
Ambrose Gordon Jr.
May 23, 1920 - Mar 7, 1987
Austin, TX
A photo of Jacqueline (Snyder) Ferrovecchio
People in this photo:
Jacqueline (Snyder) Ferrovecchio
around 1924 - 1994
A "real photo" postcard of a school in Sweden. This was found in an antique store in Belton, Texas. The message on the back (uploaded separately) is in Swedish and the postcard is addressed to Fred Nelson and his wife. I can't make out the handwriting well enough to try using translation software on it.
People in this photo:
A photo of George F. Pigott
People in this photo:
George F. Pigott
Mar 26, 1912 - May 20, 1959
A photo of Gloria Mae Paulson, when she graduated from Mlwaukie High School, Clackamas, Oregon, circa 1944.
People in this photo:
Gloria Mae (Paulson) Kenyon
Oct 3, 1926 - Dec 1, 1994
Portland, OR, United States
A photo of Frank J. Maschefzky
People in this photo:
Frank J. Maschefzky
Born: Jan 10, 1951
A photo of Cinda Celeste Weldon
People in this photo:
Cinda Celeste Weldon
Nov 4, 1953 - Mar 14, 1990
Mahwah, NJ
A photo of Dorothy Van Kleeck graduating from grammar school. Probably taken some time in the 1920s.
People in this photo:
Dorothy Emily (Van Kleeck) Smith
Oct 6, 1909 - Mar 31, 2010
Kingston, NY, United States
A photo of Scanlan brothers in team photo - Rock Valley Iowa Football Team
A photo of John Walter Mchugo at Spaulding High School graduation.
People in this photo:
John Walter Mchugo
Dec 16, 1923 - Aug 3, 2010
Tucson, AZ, USA
A photo of the freshman of the Stanberry Missouri High School, 1922.
My paternal grandfather, Clyde Gray is the boy in the bottom row, all the way to the left. I believe this is his 1st grade school picture.
People in this photo:
Clyde Eugene Gray
1919 - 1994
Boy in his school room, happily working on math. "Look at what I did!"
A photo of Schoolchildren in Pavilion, NY circa 1920. The girl in the middle row, 6th from the left is Mary Gertrude Cain. She married into the Bauman family. She was born in 1910 and has Irish farmer roots in the Pavilion and Pearl Creek area. She is connected to the surnames Shirley, O'Donnell, Doran, Powers, and Kauffman. The other children in the photo are probably her classmates who could potentially be cousins too. I do not know the names of any of them. I'm not sure if this is a religious or public school.
People in this photo:
Almost 20 years after I graduated Bellarmine College Prep in '99 I was fortunate to share my story at the 2018 Bellarmine Fashion Show to raise funds for the scholarship program. There were two appeal speeches I made - one at lunch and another during dinner. This photo was taken in the evening. I was joined by Tim & Debbie Kinslow, Kathy Pinna & my wonderful wife Lisa for lunch. My wife and I had the pleasure of being joined by Michelle Cassidy and Andrew Shepard for dinner. The Bellarmine Fashion Show had until recent years been hosted at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose before being hosted in 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I recall working as a student at the Fashion Show, and within the last five hears being a sponsor when the event was hosted at the Fairmont. So in an odd twist of fate, it just so happened that we all ended the night dancing and staying at the Fairmont.
People in this photo:
Daniel Joseph Pinna
Born: Jan 11, 1981
San Jose, CA, United States
A photo of Thelma Odessa Strickland, Berry School Field Day 1943
People in this photo:
Thelma Odessa Strickland
Aug 29, 1924 - Apr 1, 2013
Roswell, GA, United States
A photo of Dr. Donald Dee (Castetter) St. Clair Sr.
People in this photo:
Donald Dee (Castetter) St. Clair Sr.
Jan 27, 1927 - Oct 17, 2001
San Diego, CA, United States
This is a photo of my paternal grandfather's first cousin Helen Leaycraft. She was born in 1922 and died in 1943 of Tuberculosis.
People in this photo:
Helen Leaycraft
1922 - 1943
A photo of Clyde Isaac Fechser
People in this photo:
Clyde Isaac Fechser
Apr 3, 1905 - Aug 5, 1957
A photo of Helen Keller restored by Amanda S. Stevenson
We had an antique store close recently and I "rescued" it, trying to find where it belongs. If anyone should recognize these folks, please let me know. Thank you.
A photo of Amanda (Svendsen) Jorgensen's grandaughter, Sandra Amanda Svendsen who became Amanda S. Stevenson, librettist-composer. June 1961
People in this photo:
The sons of William and Susan (Diver) Cook are in this 1878 Millville, Butler County, Ohio school picture. John Cook is in the 4th row back. George Cook and Charles Cook are in the front row. This newspaper story list all the names of the children and the adults in the photograph.
People in this photo:
Charles Cook
1870 - 1960
A photo of the class of 1947, 50 years later. Highland Academy, Portland, Tennessee
People in this photo:
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