Getting Ready for school

A circa 1918 photo of two boys getting ready to go to school - this is how they dressed to protect themselves from the "Spanish Flu".
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Updated Apr 08, 2020

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Ancient Faces
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It's said that "Ring around the Rosie" is from the Black Plague (not true, it originated centuries later) but there was a school rhyme from the 1918 pandemic: "I had a little bird, it's name was Enza . . . I opened up the window and in flew Enza."
Apr 08 · Reply
Melanie Borst
Ring around the rosey: the red splotches caused by the fever,

pocket full of posies: it was thought that carrying flowers and holding them up to your nose would ward away the sickness. In Victorian times they were called nosegays or tussie mussies, and were more used for dating but did double function by keeping putrid smells from entering their nose.

Ashews ashews ( or achoos achoos ) the coughing and sneezing.
We all fall down: dying.
Susanne Anctil-Huntington
I heard it was the Black Plague in Europe I think in the 1700'S.
Rochelle Dubois
Or small pox.
Rochelle Dubois
I thought ring around the Rosie had to do with measles.
Kathy Kittelson
Corona virus ryhme?
Dave Wright
Why do you sound so sure of that "NOT TRUE" statement concerning Ring around the Rosie. No one knows for sure, but there are lots of speculations on the subject. Let's hear yours!
Andrea Snedden
Guns are the black plague. True or false? Only reply if your response is TRUE😎
Delray Twait
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[external link]
Apr 08 · Reply
Haddad Caroline
You’re right! Let’s not doing anything until it be ones statistically significant to you!
Frank J. Saffa
..smallpox wasn't it..?
Jen Voss
You were right David E. Krieg
David E. Krieg
I'm always right. You'll get used to it.
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