150 Years in the Classroom

Created on Dec 09, 2015 by Daniel Pinna
Remember the first day of school each year and how much fun it was to see your classmates and friends? Check out these photos of our ancestors and how they prepared for school.


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150 Years in the Classroom

Catholic run orphanage - just LOVE the ‘showing off’ pose in the back right corner.

During the time of racial segregation at schools.

All ready for school taken in Ohio around 1902.

It was tradition for children to receive ‘cones’ on their 1st day of school filled with treats and toys.

Synonymous with school

Yearbook photo taken in Chico California in 1938. Think they were members of the drama club?

He’s SUPER happy to go to school!

It was common for young women to attend finishing schools which would teach social graces & upper class culture.

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