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Robert Linklader Chubby Jewish Boy.
Sep 15, 2017 · posted to the photo Robert Alan Mermoud
Robert Linklader What a motley crew.
Jul 29, 2017 · posted to the photo Lorraine Zinnanti
Robert Linklader I do remember Robert's mother spanking him with a Horse Whip many times.
May 24, 2017 · posted to the photo Robert Linklader
Robert Linklader Mrs. Zinnanti was always disciplining her stubborn Donkey.
May 20, 2017 · posted to the person Lorraine Zinnanti
Robert Linklader Robert would eventually be placed in Special Education for Severely Retarded Children where he was taught the proper way to sweep and mop floors and clean Toilets.
May 09, 2017 · posted to the photo Robert G 10 years old