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Daughter of Cornelius Holmes and Margarette Appleyard. Born in Elloughton, Yorkshire, England in 1811. Died Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah in 1877. Married John Banks in Dowsby, Lincolnshire, Eng, in 1834. Mother of 11 children; John Banks, Mary Holmes, Margaret, John, William, Margaret, Cornelius Holmes, Martha, Betsy Ann, Joseph Smith, and Lucy Banks.
"Her mother diedJune 28, 1820; and also her youngest brother, Cornelius. Cornelius wasjust seventeen months old. He died May 19, 1820. Ann was only nineyears old at the time. Her father was left with four small children tocare for. He married Charlotte Appleyard May 22, 1826 and had ninemore children by her. The family apparently moved a lot. The father islisted as a farm laborer in census records. Ann experiencedconsiderable trouble and underwent many hardships in her early life.
She married John Banks in Dowsby, Lincolnshire, England on December 1,1834. She was an industrious, good managing woman. Ann was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with her husbandat Dowsby, Lincolnshire, England on August 27, 1845. On coming toStaveley all the family was down with fever for some time. One sondied while at Staveley. She emigrated with her husband in 1866. Afterher husband’s death, she lived for a time with her daughter Margaretin Tooele; then she moved to the house of her son, Cornelius, in SaltLake City where she died August 26, 1877. Her health was poor for many years." [external link]#P1005
in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah USA


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