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Photos of family farms and ranches - and the people and animals who lived on them. Read more >>

Family farms - whether they are ranches, plantations, or the traditional farm - are the backbone of life around the world. These are photos of those homes, people, fields, and animals that comprise a farm. << Read less

Claus and his nephew, Gordan in front of Claus's corn crop. 1937
People in this photo:
Claus Ahnberg
Apr 20, 1893 - June 1971
Woodstock, Illinois
Frances Ekleberry cooking on the Farm somewhere in jackson michgian
A photo of 3 "leaf-boys" 9, 9, and 11 years old on a tobacco farm.
Guy Wells and wife Alta Almira Augusta Olsen Guy born 2/21/1886 in Momence, IL, died 1/7/1977 in Momence, IL Married 4/2/1909 in Kankakee Co., IL Buried Orchard Grove Cemetery, Lowell, Lake Co., IN
People in this photo:
Guy Wells
Feb 21, 1886 - Jan 7, 1977
Found in an antique store in Texas. Written on the back: "The Prause home north, northeast of Yoakum". This snapshot resembles some of my family's photos that were taken in the 1950s, so it may date from that era.
People in this photo:
Sarah (Tampke) Prause
Oct 30, 1868 - Jun 22, 1963
A photo of MauRie Hileman with big squash.
People in this photo:
A photo of unknown people in a field - from the Humbard/ Clemmer family don't know who they are.
A photo of Arthur Robins Melville
People in this photo:
Arthur Robins Melville
Born: around Feb 5, 1923
Mentone, Australia
A photo of the George W. Fegley Farm in South of Dalton, KS. Sadie Fegley DeVou and husband Harry DeVou in buggy. Alta, Carl, Gertrude, Erma, and Olga Fegley in other buggy. (Sadie married Harry after husband George passed away.) Note: what looks like a hill in background is actually a big pile of straw.
A photo of our Gwaltney cousins - These are my first cousins on my dad's side.
A photo of threshing on the Henry Johnson Farm, August 1896
Margaret and her father in their corn crop: photo taken ca. 1910 in Woodward, Oklahoma.
People in this photo:
A photo of unknown men - 127
A photo of Harry Lee Foster, Sr. (passed 1993)
People in this photo:
Harry Lee Foster, Sr.
Aug 24, 1915 - May 31, 1993
A photo of Lorenzo Dow Howell Jr., Blairsville IL farm, plowing with Kate and Jack
People in this photo:
A photo of James Clevenger
People in this photo:
James Clevenger
Feb 26, 1908 - October 1981
Smithfield, PA
A photo of R. W. "Bill" Woods, my Dad, hilling potatoes
People in this photo:
A photo of R. W. "Bill Woods", my Dad, hard at work ploughing at Richmond NSW in 1940
People in this photo:
This is a photo of my grandmother, Marian Olive Bills and her father, Henry Jarvis Bills ca. 1919 in Raton, New Mexico on their farm. Love her smile!!
People in this photo:
A photo of grain threshing in Oregon, taken 1870-1890. Dinnertime for threshers
Lola Pabst getting ready to pick spuds in Lorenzo, Idaho in 1935 (age 15).
People in this photo:
A photo of Harvey Dettmer (1923 - 2014), farming.
People in this photo:
Harvey Henry John Dettmer
Nov 12, 1923 - Oct 14, 2014
A photo of William Dettmer at The Cascade Threshing Company. The end of the Cascade Threshing Company run in 1920. The company was organized in 1919 with the following members: Dick Kirchhoff, John Dill, Ben Gibson, Herman Mitchel, Earl Towle, Chris Johnson, William Dettmer, Andrew Olsen, and Paul E. Gerard. This 25 horse power Reeves Engine, water wagon, and 36x56 Aultman-Taylor separator were purchased in 1919, second hand, in the Tekamah, Nebraska vicinity. After using one year, the separator was discarded and a new 36x56 Minneapolis separator, shown in this picture, was purchased. Pulling 9-16 inch plows in the Tekamah Gumbo Bottoms. The engine was a cross compound equipped for plowing. It had heavy gears, each traction wheel was 3 feet wide, the front wheels, each 16 inches wide. A 3 inch siphoning hose, carried over the cab when not in use, enabled the engine to take water from the water wagon on the move. 2 side tanks and a rear tank under the coal bunk would hold over a ton of coal. It took about 3-12 barrel tanks of water to fill the boiler, the supply tanks and the water wagon, a ton of coal, everything greased, a good hot fire, and the engine was ready to roll. The engine weighed 15 tons empty. William Dettmer, (kneeling and holding the collie mascot) Max, was the separator man; John Kirchhoff, the water-boy and by the front wheel, Paul Gerard, engineer.
People in this photo:
William "Bill" Dettmer
Nov 20, 1893 - Oct 17, 1979
A photo of Elmer Dietrich Friedrich Dettmer
People in this photo:
Elmer Dietrich Friedrich Dettmer
May 16, 1919 - Jan 16, 2010
Syracuse, NE
A photo of Theodore Wilhelm Roos Farming
People in this photo:
Theodore "Ted" Wilhelm Roos
Feb 4, 1891 - Jun 6, 1958
A photo of Ora, Bessie, and Jessie Mauk on the Boiler place. Working hard !
People in this photo:
A photo of Levi Trivette with his prize winning turnips
People in this photo:
A photo of Mary Laravie at the family farm
People in this photo:
Mary Margrette Laravie
Aug 28, 1887 - Aug 9, 1971
Plattsburgh, NY
A photo of Frank Coufal Sr. on a tractor.
People in this photo:
A photo of Kathleen (Pilcher) Bullen with farm animals
People in this photo:
Kathleen (Pilcher) Bullen
Feb 10, 1903 - Sep 2, 2002
England, United Kingdom
A photo of Egbert Franklin Parrott (Uncle E.F.) working a team of horses. Mowing the river bottom on our farm.
People in this photo:
Photo of my great-great grandfather Alfred Goldin and my great grandfather Jim Goldin on the farm near Mellette, Spink County, South Dakota, in the early 1920's.
People in this photo:
Alfred Goldin
Aug 26, 1865 - Mar 17, 1942
Mellette, SD, United States of America
Aunt Cynth Combs' barn and grave, John Walker inspecting barn.
People in this photo:
Cynthia Combs
1888 - 1982
A photo of Nellie Enolia Smith at Chesrown farm
People in this photo:
A photo of the August Pletzer & Anna Pletzer
People in this photo:
A photo of Elza E Stewart
People in this photo:
Elza E Stewart
Aug 23, 1923 - Oct 7, 1989
Farmington, MO
A photo of David E. Vaughn, Fall of 1948. Tyronza, Arkansas. Tyronza is one of the oldest cities within Poinsett County . In the 1920s it was the site where the Southern Tenant Farmers movement started that became a national outcry against the abusive discrimination of wealthy land owners against sharecroppers who were mostly African-American farmers.
People in this photo:
David 'Buddy' Elizah Vaughn
Born: May 22, 1909
A photo of the Hill Family Farm...Emma Rachel Hill was born on November 5, 1874, in Georgia, her father, Marcus, was 38 and her mother, Medora, was 31. She married John Crenshaw Terry on December 27, 1894, in Murray, Georgia. She had three children by the time she was 26. She died on April 7, 1950, in Etowah, Tennessee, at the age of 75, and was buried there. She is pictured above with her husband and her 2 surviving children Erskin and Lois.
People in this photo:
Emma Rachel Hill
Nov 5, 1874 - Apr 7, 1950
"Uncle Bill moving the hen house for Grannie" at Diersch homestead in Alberta
Grandma's Chickens: My grandma was blind, but she always had chickens. In this picture she is crumbling some cornbread for the baby chicks!
People in this photo:
Cecil Newell Black
around Mar 8, 1891 - around Nov 1, 1972
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