Antioch Cemetery, Jackson County, Oklahoma

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This is a picture of the Antioch Cemetery in Jackson County, Oklahoma, near Eldorado, Oklahoma. Antioch was formerly a rural community of farmers, but the community is now gone and just the cemetery remains.

From my own family, the following are buried there: (l)my maternal great-grandfather, Edward Isaac Brownlow, Born 1853, Died 1929.

(2) Elizabeth Elvira Skipper Brownlow, my maternal great-grandmother, born in 1872 and died in 1939.

(3) Clayton Isaac Brownlow, my great-half uncle b: Feb 3, 1884 and Died 12-31-1965

(4)Thomas Levi Denton, my maternal step-grandfather, b: May 11, 1881 and died Oct 22, 1967.

Latest burial in 2005: James William (Jim Bill) Denton, son of Thomas Levi Denton and Edna Hibbits Denton.

Directions to the Cemetery: From Eldorado, go West on Highway 6 approximately 3 miles. Turn left on a dirt raod. Go over Railroad Tracks. Cemetery is approximately 1/4 mile on the left side of the road. It is fenced and gated. It has some maintenance.

Edward Isaac Brownlow and Elizabeth Elvira Skipper Brownlow are buried at the upper right of the picture. Their burial place is covered by artificial grass turf, placed there by their daughter, Euna Brownlow Denton.

Under the tree, the graves include: Thomas Levi Denton, his first wife, Edna Hibbits Denton, Athel Denton (their child who died in childhood), Thomas Levi's mother, Eliza Denton.
at Antioch Cemetery, Jackson County, Near Eldorado, Oklahoma


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