Are They Sarah and Clara Murray, Daughters of James Ellison Murray and Elizabeth Melissa (Carl)?

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This picture was sent to me by Kristin Smith ([contact link]) who is guessing that this is a picture of Sarah and Clara Murray, daughters of James Ellison Murray and Elizabeth Melissa (Carl).

Sarah was born 24 Nov 1890 or 1891 in Nebraska and died 13 June 1943 in Twin Falls, Idaho. On 4 Oct 1908 in Montrose, Montrose Co, Colorado, she married John Myatt Seiber who was born 6 April 1891 and died in September 1973. They had at least four children.

Clara was born 26 Feb 1884 in Nebraska and died 18 Aug 1925 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co, Idaho. In 1905, she married Charles Dearing in Montrose Co, Colorado. They had two children, Orville Wade Dearing and Opal Lorraine Dearing, and in addition raised Clara's niece, Marie Coon, daughter of Arlie C. Coon and Lelia (Murray).
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