A.W.Bugbee w/ grandchildren Bugbee family photo
Ruth Palmer

A.W.Bugbee w/ grandchildren

This is my Great Grandfather. The back of the photo says: Generation picture, with grandchildren and great grandchildren: A.W. Bugbee, 86. Vivian Bugbee. Florine-Lulas girl. Velma Bugbee. (Left)Ruth Spillman-Mays girl, Billy Bugbee-Charles boy. Virgle(Not sure about this spelling) in fathers lap. Edna May Bugbee-A.A.B. and Hasseltine-Lulas girl. ... show more

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If you feel that you know or are related to someone in this photo, please let me know. Would love to know some of my distant cousins.
Jan 29, 2007 4:56 pm reply
Photo taken at Kansas USA on