Baltus F. Emery & Elizabeth (Basom) Emery family photo
Robert Morrow

Baltus F. Emery & Elizabeth (Basom)

Last known picture of B.F. Emery b--10-15-1828--d. 6-23-1906 wife--Elizabeth Emery (Basom) b.-8-18-1835--d.-10-27-1909 married--9-4-1851-She is the daughter of John (Joshua) Basom and Margaret (Kreager) married 1834. Baltus is one of 7 children of William Emery b.-3-22-1792 d.- 5-27-1869 and Margaret Sadler b.-8-8-1795 -d.-12-12-1860 from PA ... show more

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Photo taken at Marion County, Illinois on
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