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Updated Jul 11, 2022


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Linda Gayle (Wood) Mosley commented on Dec 01, 2002
The Emery Family of Andover, Massachusetts (The Andover Historical Society sent this to my Mother years ago) JOHN (1) EMERY, was the son of John and Agnes Emory of Ramsey Hants, England. He was born Sept 29, 1598. On April 3, 1635 he sailed from South Hampton, England, for the colonies. With him were his wife, Mary, and two children, John (2) and Ann (2). In the party were also his brother Anthony and his wife. They arrived at Boston June 3, 1635 and from there went to Newbury – where at first, each brother had a grant of an acre and a half, and a share in the Common Lands. On Dec. 22, 1637, John was hauled into court and fined for enclosing Common Lands, contrary to regulations, but on the Feb. following, the Town gave him the same land, for his own, probably realizing that he was the type of man to improve his property. He was made a freeman in June 1641 and on Dec 1642, was a member of a Committee of Valuation. He seemed to have a flair for getting into court, for in 1645 he was fined for “light carriage with the wife of neighbor, Henry Traverse” and was ordered to pay 3 shillings or be whipped. He paid cheerfully. (He probably helped her to put on her rubbers.) In March 1663, he was again hauled before the Magistrate by constable Henry Jaques, and taken to Ipswich Court on May 5, charged with entertaining Quakers. The case was held over until the next session of court, when he was fined 4 shillings and costs, “for giving two Quakers bed and board, shaking them by the hand and bidding them Welcome.” He argued his own case and must have convinced his townsfolk of his good intentions, for in late May, the selectman of the Town and 50 others, including John himself, signed a petition asking the Court to remit his fine, but this was refused. Three years after Henry Jaques had brought John into court, John was appointed to the Jury, and there had the privilege of sitting upon the case of the erstwhile constable and Elinor Bryant, who were charged with “light conduct”. According to the records, Henry “flyeth”, leaving Elinor to pay a fine of 5 shillings or be publicly whipped. (John Knight gallantly came to her rescue and paid the fine.) Our John had undoubtedly voted the maximum fine as punishment for his early informer. Chronicles of Newbury show that John always had the courage to oppose either the Church or State when he thought he was in the right. Mary Emory, John’s first wife, died in Newbury, and in April 1649, John married 2nd: widow Mary (Shatswell) Webster, whose husband, John Webster died October 29, 1650. John died Nov. 5, 1683. Mary died April 28, 1694. John (1) Emery and his first wife, Mary, had: John (2) , born in England about 1627; lived on part of the old estate in Newburyport and owned a corn mill; he was a Sergeant; he married his step-sister, Mary (Shatswell) Webster (a widow) on October 2, 1648. She died February 3, 1709; he made his will on August 5, 1693. Ann (2) b. in England, 1631; m. James Oidway (second letter looks like an I or maybe an r ). On November 23, 1648. He was b. 1620. Ebenezer (2) a daughter; b. in Newbury, Sept 16, 1648; m. John Hoag, a Welshman, April 21, 1669; he came here with his parents who returned to the old country, after apprenticing John here. He died 1723, age 85; her death is unknown. Their children became Quakers. Jonathan (2) b. in Newbury, May 13, 1652; m. Mary Woodman, dau. Of Ed., on Nov. 29, 1676, He was in the Narragansett Fight – enlisted Dec. 1675; was wounded; he died Sept. 29, 1725; she died Sept 13, 1723. Elinor (2) b. ; m. John Bailey, Jr., son of John (1), born 1613 in England.(See Bailey’s Historical Sketches, for the children.) //////////////////////////////// John (2) Emery (John 1) and wife, Mary Webster had: Mary (3) b. June 24, 1652; m. Sam Sawyer, son of William & Ruth on Mar 13, 1671; he d. Feb. 11, 1718. Hanna (3) b. April 26, 1654; m. Nov. 18, 1673, Richard Bartlett, son of Richard and Abigail, who was b. Feb 21, 1649; had 10 children. John (3) born Sept. 12, 1656; m. Mary Sawyer, dau of William & Ruth on June 13, 1683; she was born July 29, 1660; she d. Nov. 3, 1699. He married (2nd: Abigail Bartlett, May 27, 1700. He married (3rd: Mary March, Dec. 7, 1723. Bethia (3) b. October 13, 1658; m. Henry Bodwell, March 4, 1681; he was b. 1651; was at Bloody Brook 1676; he d. June 1745 at 94. Sara (3) b. Feb. 26,1660; m. Isaac Bayley Jan 13, 1683; she died April 1, 1694; he m. 2nd: Sept. 5, 1700 Rebecca Bartlett; he d. April 26, 1740. Joseph (3) b. March 23, 1663; m. Oct. 2, 1693, Elizabeth Merrill, dau of Abram Merrill and w. Abigail Webster. Elizabeth was granddaughter of his stepmother. They lived in Andover; he died here Sept. 22, 1721. She died July 29, 1729 at GO? They are buried in the old _____, opposite Kittredge manse, No. Andover. Stephen (3) b. Sept 6, 1666; was an Ensign; he m. Nov. 9, 1692, Ruth Jaques, daughter of Henry Jaques and w. Ann Knight: she was b. April 14, 1672; she d. Jan 9, 1764. He d. Feb. 1, 1747. Abigail (3) b. Jan 16, 1668; m. Henry Ingalls, Jan 6, 1688. He was b. Dec 8, 1656. Sam (3) b. Dec 20, 1670; Harvard U. 1691; was a Rev.; was in Wells, ME, 1668-chaplain to the garrison; m. Tabitha Littlefield, dau. Of Francis, Jr., of Wells; he d. in Biddeford, Dec 23, 1724; she d. April 27, 1736. Judith (3) b. Feb 5, 1673; m. Abel Hewes, son of Abel and wife Mary (Sea---) ; he was b. Feb 19, 1665; died Mar. 11, 1758. Lydia (3) b. Feb. 19, 1675; m. Joseph Brown, 1696.
Tina Williams Swyers commented on Apr 04, 2010
I am looking for connections to a Stephen Emery who inherited land from his father, George Emery. George Emery, from Cecil County, Maryland, was deceased by 1742. His wife, Sarah had married a Parker. There was land in Cecil Co., Maryland called, Emory's Choice, Emory's Emdeavour, High Park, and Penbrook all connected somehow to Providence Williams, wife Sarah, Joseph Williams, wife Lydia, and Ann Poulson/Poulson (probably sister to Providence and Joseph. Tina Williams Swyers [contact link]
Becky Alley commented on May 19, 2020
My great aunt passed away and we found a family bible in her home, but it is not our family. I believe it is her deceased husband's family. The name on bible is William Emery born October 15th 1831 and was married and had several children. William's family was from Belfast, Mass. I would love getting the family bible back into your hands.
Robert Morrow commented on Jun 09, 2020
Thanks for the email but my descendants are Baltus F. Emery born in 1828 from Pennsylvania and before him they came from New Jersey---I dont see Williams name and date on my list but funny they were close in age and wondering if they were somehow related--i know there is a book printed about descendants of Conrad Emery which is really extensive. B. F. Emery lived the majority of his life in southern Illinois Thanks again for your time
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