Photo Details father's parents were very hard working and very religious folks... they had a TV, which to my knowledge, they used to watch the one show they would watch right after a huge dinner cooked up by Mama Green, which was the Lawrence Welk Show...then they went to bed.... they rose early, at dawn, where they worked in their garden, and Mama Green cooked three huge meals every day... there was hardly room on that huge table for all the food...they were members of the Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church all their lives, and Mama Green quilted in between her other household chores... they were loving in their own ways, but had very strict beliefs... Mama Green wore her hair up in a braid on her head, and at night, I remember her taking it down, and it going all the way to the floor... she would spend time every night brushing her hair out, only to put it back up in a braid on her head to sleep on... ...what I remember most about spending time with Mama Green and Papa Green was the cold winter nights when I would just fall into the thick feather bed, and she would cover me over with tons of her home-made quilts... sleep was never quite so good...
at Home on Main Street, Winnsboro, Texas


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