Bell Family women Bell family photo
Dianna Lathum

Bell Family women

Left to rignt, back row.Cleo,daughter of Mildred &Bud Bell,not sure of 2nd lady,next lady is my grandmother Leota, wife of Lemuel F.Bell,then Mildred Marie , wife of Layton Bell,not sure of lady behind her, then Gracie wife of Lee Thomas Bell.Front row left to right is Melissa Carolina Bell[ Chisummaiden name]wife of Oscar Edward Bell,next to her is my mother,Lenora Mae Bell,daughter of Lemuel and Leota,The two little girls in front,one is my aunt Glenda not sure which one,also daughter of Lemuel and Leota Bell.I don't know who the other little girl is . ... show more

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Please let us know which state and city this photos were taken.
Sep 07, 2009 9:18 pm reply
I'm looking for the Bell Family from Maine
Nov 30, 2009 10:59 pm reply
Photo taken at Bell home Oklahoma USA on