Benjamin Wallace Shelburne Shelburne family photo
Hope Hatton

Benjamin Wallace Shelburne

Benjamin Wallace Shelburne on Graduation Day at Remington College, Honolulu, Hawaii

About Benjamin Wallace Shelburne

Ben was a very special friend to me during his stay in Hawaii. Any interest / hobby that he had, he would delve into it intensely.... astronomy, art., music. We had great times hanging out- swimming, painting, playing, or just lying on the beach looking at the stars. He was sweet, caring and gentle in spirit. He once wrote a song for me and played it at a place we used to hang out... I will always remember that night and the way he looked. I remember how much he loved his parents and would talk about them often... and especially his grandfather. When he graduated, I took photos that later showed a white orb following him up to the stage to get his diploma. I'm sure it was grandpa sharing in his accomplishments. I think of Ben often and wish I could have spent more time knowing him. ...more info

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Benjamin Wallace Shelburne

Benjamin Wallace Shelburne

Born: Jun 5, 1969
Died: Sep 23, 2010 (age 41)
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