Beulah (Parsley) and son, Mark Tuttle

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My paternal grandmother, Beulah Fae (Parsley) and her son, Mark Tuttle in about 1967 during the holiday season in Hamilton, Ohio. I am guessing the year compared to other photos taken on the same day and by the age of Beulah's children. It looks like Thanksgiving by the food on the table but it was most likely Christmas. My family has turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas and Easter. I only spent a couple of hours on just a few Christmas Eve holidays with Beulah as a very young child and not again until the late 1980's to the early 1990's. I do not know about Beulah's house on Christmas Day because I have always been with my mother on Christmas Day. I may have been at Beulah's house on the Christmas Day holidays before 1969. I was too young to remember. My mother, Terry's family (Sositko and Cook) also has always had turkey on Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas.
in Hamilton, Butler County, OH USA


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