Bob & Military Pals in Westover, MA

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Recently came across this photo of my Dad and two of his Military Friends taken in Westover, Massachusetts. I think their first names are Stanley and George, no last names but I do know that no one is his crew R27 at the 491st BG 852nd BS had these first names. I'd love to know who they are if anyone recognizes them!!!!
in USA


Stephen Archer Which one is your father?
Apr 16, 2012 · Reply
Barbie Graham My Father is the man standing under the "ie" in ancientfaces. Do you know him of any of the other men?
Luv Ya,
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
Stephen Archer No I haven't met very many members of my wife's family. I've made some real good progress on [external link] putting the family tree together though. I think I'll need your email address to have Ancestry let you see the family tree on their site but maybe not, here is a link that might work [external link]
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
Barbie Graham [contact link]
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
Barbie Graham I also added a lot of military tributes and memorials to honor my dad on the internet. All you have to do is do a search on Sgt. Robert C Wenskovitch, even things with the incorrect spellings of his name will come up. Everything I learned about my dad's military career I found on the internet with the help of a lot of nice people. Barbie
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
Stephen Archer I just had Ancestry send you an email invite, thanks again for all your help!
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
Barbie Graham Mr. Archer,
I must admit I'm taking powerful pain meds, so I will make many mistakes. Barbie
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
Stephen Archer Call me Steve, I'm sorry to hear you have to take such pain meds. Don't worry about mistakes. My life is full of them :)
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply
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