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Some type of building in a valley, a church, a religious scene, and another church. All of this was taken in Bohemia in early 1900's. It was on a postcard sent from Bohemia to my Grandpa in U.S.A. Thanks, SK

Mystery: Would like to know if these scenes were from Bohemia? Where at in Bohemia? And I'd like to know if these places might still be in the Czech Republic.Does anyone know what type of flowers these are, and what religion these churches are from.Thanks, SK


Lenora Porcella Hi,
The postcard is from Křemešník in Bohemia. You can see photos at this website: [external link] and more info at: [external link]%C5%99eme%C5%A1n%C3%ADk and this last link has a photo of the church:
[external link]
Mar 03, 2009 · Reply
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