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Capt. James Henry Trefethen born 04 Mar 1820 in Friendship, Maine. Died 1890 at Cushing, Maine. Married three times. First to Mary Jane Thompson, next to Nancy Page Rivers in 1838 and last to Jane N. Starling in 1855.
Father of Helen Trefethen (By Mary Jane Thompson) Joseph and Matilda (By Nancy Page Rivers)Lizzie and Eliza (By Jane Starling).
Fisherman out of Friendship and Monhegan Island.

Capt. Jim Trefethen used to live out on the end of Stone's Point. He owned where Farn Stone later took up residence. In his later years Capt Jim used to sit up there on the knoll near his home rocking in his rocking chair all day long. From his vantage point, he could view clear up river, and in the opposite direction, the mouth of the St. George's River and the ocean beyond. At that time there were no trees standing. Instead, the surrounding land on Stone's Point was entirely bare; only fields and early homes existed. It is said that Capt. Jim died of tuberculosis, and just before his passing, he requested that his remains be buried near his favorite spot. Today there stands a single solitary gravestone on a hill overlooking Capt Jim's favorite view -- The St. George's River.
in Maine USA


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