Captured Civil War Raiders Thompson family photo
Cindy Billman

Captured Civil War Raiders

On the back of this photo is written: "This is a group of ten of Gen. John H. Morgan's men, that followed him over all his hard fought battlefields, and long raids and captured with him in Ohio in 1863. This picture was taken at Camp Douglas Ill while we were prisoners. Six of the these have crossed the river and gone on before. R. B. Kendall" The men are numbered 1 thru 10 starting from the top row from left to right ... show more

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Clydene Cannon Wonderful picture! At one time, the names of these gentlemen must have been known according to the numbers. Too bad the names were not on the back of the picture. I have an ancestor who is buried at Camp Butler in a mass grave. (Illinois??) His name was Risner. Clydene Cannon
Reply posted Dec 30, 2004 6:34 am