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Browse the history of Wars & Conflicts through vintage photographs.

A photo of George Habley mugging it up with US Army buddies ca 1917. George served in France during WW1 and died as a result of exposure to poison gas.
People in this photo:
A photo of Charles Parsley in the military during WWI. He was the son of Pleasant "Lee" and Margaret (Ray) Parsley. He was born on November 15, 1894 and died in 1963 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He married Ruth Bowling. His family lived in Harlan County, Ky and Laurel County, Ky.
People in this photo:
Charles Parsley
Nov 15, 1894 - 1963
A photo of Fred Price
People in this photo:
Fred Price
Died: Oct 31, 1917
A photo of Robert Henry Howell, killed in ww1 france
People in this photo:
A photo of the WWI service record of Malcolm McLean
People in this photo:
Malcolm McLean
1867 - Jul 17, 1921
A photo of Nelson Howard Ulmer and Jay Slage in WWI.
People in this photo:
Nelson Howard Ulmer
May 16, 1896 - Mar 18, 1972
A photo of the medals of Spec David Allen Dixon (1948 - 1967)
People in this photo:
David Allen Dixon
Feb 3, 1948 - May 15, 1967
Weedsport, NY, United States
A photo of a rubbing from the Viet Nam Memorial - Spec David Allen Dixon (1948 - 1967)
People in this photo:
David Allen Dixon
Feb 3, 1948 - May 15, 1967
Weedsport, NY, United States
A photo of WWI friends: My grandfather, Fred J. Wolf with his future brother-in-law, Frank Wintercorn. They met while serving iin WWI. Introduced their sisters to each other. Fred married Clara Wintercorn and Frank married Frances Wolf at a double wedding ceremony, on June 30, 1920
People in this photo:
Two photos taken by William Signore during World War II
A photo of an unknown place taken during World War II
A photo of an unknown family in the Philippines, from the photo collection of William "Bill" Signore
A photo of a medal presented to Walter Henry Shoesmith
People in this photo:
Walter Henry Shoesmith
1913 - Jan 26, 1944
A photo of Norman Swift
People in this photo:
Norman Swift
Jan 21, 1916 - Jul 20, 1945
Liverpool, United Kingdom
A photo of Glenard Hering (grandfather). Mothers dad During WW2
People in this photo:
A photo of John Dieterlen (1882-1922) in his World War I uniform. He was the youngest brother of my great-great-grandmother, Anna Elizabeth (Dieterlen) Geyler.
People in this photo:
John Dieterlen
1892 - 1922
A photo of a memorial to Edward Duncan Hood
People in this photo:
Edward Duncan Hood
1891 - Oct 27, 1916
Cannum North, Australia
A photo of Army Private Angel Santos Leos, My dad, while in Army during World War II. After Parachute School.
People in this photo:
Angel Santos Leos
Oct 1, 1926 - 2007
Whittier, CA
A photo of Elizaldo D Castillo in his Army uniform during WWII.
People in this photo:
Elizaldo D Castillo
Oct 26, 1927 - Sep 8, 1995
Muscatine, IA
A photo of Jewel Pollick, Paps navy picture. He had enlisted in the navy when he was only 15 years old having lied about his age and telling them he was 18. This was at the end of his 4 year enlistment when he was 19 years of age.
People in this photo:
Jewel Pollick
Mar 3, 1927 - Feb 25, 1993
Springdale, PA
A photo of a collection of WW11 Guadalcanal decorations and ribbons.
WWI image of Harry Christensen of Buffalo North Dakota. He is standing on the right. Wounded several times between 1917 and 1918.
People in this photo:
A photo of Tomas Dominguez Montoya, World War I
People in this photo:
Tomas Dominguez Montoya
Feb 6, 1894 - Dec 13, 1972
A photo of Michael Moylan, son Of Patrick & Bridget of Melbourne. Taken before embarking Australia for WW1
People in this photo:
Michael Moylan
1872 - 1930
Cauld, Australia
A photo of WW II Servicemen - This is my uncle Stanley Rossi in the middle. My cousin told me he remained friends after the war with the men on his sides.
People in this photo:
A photo of Roland G Bullion
People in this photo:
Roland G Bullion
around 1921 - Jan 21, 1945
Wisconsin, United States
A photo of Bernard Spletzer taken in the Philippines during WWII
People in this photo:
Bernard Spletzer
Aug 20, 1916 - December 1974
A photo of Pete Walker, brother to Virginia Walker Robinson...killed at 19 in WW11
People in this photo:
A photo of my dad, Earl Hansbourgh Robinson, in WW11 - passed away 1988. Married to Virginia Walker Robinson
People in this photo:
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