Searched and found family of CANADIAN Captain Robert "Bob' J. Grant - who gave his life at age 27 at Falaise Gap in France in 1944. We are constructing a webpage in his honour.
His son is Bob Grant and would be in his sixties now. His wife is Frances Elizabeth Grant. They lived in British Columbia (Vancouver) CANADA when he was killed in action. This year we will visit his grave in France.
Date & Place: in Alberta Canada
Age: 25

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Beth Best
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July 30, 2004
Cpt. Robt 'Bob' Grant
We sent Canadian Maple Leaves we had pressed and dried to France with our good friends, Beth and Don and Leanne Aultman. They found your grave from our directions in France and placed flowers on your grave and then crumbled and spread the Maple Leaves on your grave. Always remembered
by the families and descendants of H.P. Marshall, Alberta - Canada.
Jul 31, 2004 · Reply
Beth Best
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October 2004-One tiny step forward. A gentleman contacted me to tell me Cpt. Grants wife, Frances remarried a J.A. MacDonald and had a son by him. Frances
Elizabeth Grant, MacDonald we are still searching for [external link] Canada. We are now trying Vancouver and Ontario. God Bless you wherever you are. Your niece, Elizabeth...
Oct 09, 2004 · Reply
Beth Best
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November 2004 - Our decades of searching are over. We have found Francis & her husband alive and well and her Son Bob Grant. With remembrance Day 2 days away, the timing could not be better. Canadians do remember and honour our veterans and war heroes who gave their lives defending our freedoms.
Nov 09, 2004 · Reply
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