Honoring Those Who Paid The Ultimate Cost On Memorial Day

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In memory of those who paid the ultimate price to preserve and protect the United States of America: Memorial Day began as "Decoration Day," and was established in 1868 to memorialize those that had lost their lives in the United States Civil War. As the years passed, the name was changed to Memorial Day and now we honor all of those killed in action. While many celebrate Memorial Day with barbecues and picnics, let's also remember those who have kept us safe and free. These images from the Civil War through the Vietnam War show just a few of those killed in action - but they memorialize all of those lost to wars.

Fact: About 620,000 died in the U.S. Civil War and over 1,264,000 Americans have died in all wars. World War 2 was the second most deadly war - over 405,000 died in service.

Honoring Those Who Paid The Ultimate Cost On Memorial Day

The Pitchford family - father & six sons

Dr. Thomas Jefferson Pitchford & sons, NC

2 of these sons were killed in the Civil War - one was sent home because he was too young to enlist.

1861 - The Civil War

71st Infantry Regiment - New York 1861

71st Infantry Regiment of New York.

1865 dedication of the Battle of Bull Run Monument

Bull Run, Va.

Killed at Vicksburg


William Howell Hanks

John Sheeks

John Washington Sheeks (1843-1864)

Killed in action on April 8, 1864.

Company H, the Spanish-American War

group at Camp Boynton


Lorenzo Francis Strosnider

Lorenzo Francis Strosnider

He served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war and died there.


Forse W. Knaub

Forse W. Knaub

1898, the Spanish-American War

Co. H. 331st Infantry, WW 1

Ray Cortland/Cyrus Young, WWI


Jack Conlen

Jack Conlen

Killed in action, WW 1.

Chester Clay William

Sargent Chester Clay William, World War I Portrait

Killed in action, WW1.

Harry Christensen

Harry Christensen

WW1, 1917 France

The South Wales Borderers

World War 1 front lines

France, front line, WW 1


William Rosengren

William Rosengren

In World War 1, recovering from the loss of his left hand in battle

The USS Killen

Frank Kroetsch

WW 2 in the Pacific Theater, circa 1945. 15 men were killed when the ship was hit.

The Oak Ridge Guards, WW 2

Frances McClain

Oak Ridge was a part of the Manhattan Project, a vital part of the war effort.

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