15 Astounding Photos of Veterans You've Never Seen Before

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Veteran's Day (November 11th) is when we celebrate the service of military veterans in the United States. We've collected some powerful images from times of war and strife that commemorate the soldiers who risked their lives and the times they lived in.

Armistice Day, the ending of World War I, was celebrated for decades. The armistice began on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. In the United States, the day was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 but it's still celebrated on November 11th. Memorial Day was set aside to celebrate those who died in war but Veterans Day honors all of those who have served in the military.


15 Astounding Photos of Veterans You've Never Seen Before

Sailors honoring their fallen comrades in Pearl Harbor (1941)

Pearl Harbor Memorial 1941

Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the graves of unknown sailors are being decorated by their comrades.

77th Bomb squadron in WW2 , Aleutian Islands, 1944

77th Bomb Squadron

The name of only one of these men is known - but all are honored by us. Do you know any of these faces?

Young Private Lodwick D. Underwood, Civil War, 1862

Lodwick D. Underwood, Vermont 1862

Only 15 and embroiled in a war. He's wearing the uniform of the Vermont Brigade (aka the "Old" Brigade or the 1st Vermont Brigade).


Documenting intelligence - with a very large camera.

Frederick G Braitsch

Wonder what the technological equivalent is today?

US Military Policeman during World War 2

Archie Zornes, 1942

At the Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

One of the few carefree moments during WW2

Miny Poe, 1945

There was a lull in the fighting in Germany - why not jump over a tank?

Veterans of opposite sides of the American Civil War - all in one photo

Gaither, AR Cemetery - Decorations Day - Civil War Veterans

On Decoration Day 1910 (now called Memorial Day), veterans, Confederate and Federal, gathered to remember their comrades.


The stories these men could tell . . .

Joshua E Tilson, 1901

Tennessee Union Civil War Reunion circa 1901

The battle that turned the tide of World War 2 begins

D-Day landing, June 6 1944.
D-Day Landing - June 6 1944

Break time, resting on artillery during WW1

William Henthorne

An artillery wagon?

In Hawaii, before the attack on Pearl Harbor

My Hero, Grandpa Razo

161st Infantry Regiment 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks.

World War 2 flyboy guarding the Pacific Front

Fred Wahl in uniform

Joined the year before the Pearl Harbor attack and was stationed at Pearl for the remainder of the war.

Brothers bonding before war

Cox Brothers-Military Service in Pacific-Viet Nam Era

These brothers served in the U.S. Air Force in the Pacific Theatre during the Viet Nam War.


First female US Army surgeon

Mary Edwards Walker, Civil War Doctor

Serving first as a nurse and then as a surgeon during the Civil War, Mary Edwards Walker was awarded the Medal of Honor for her service (the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor).

Desmond Doss - Many Injuries

Desmond Doss in the hospital after being injured at Hacksaw Ridge.
Desmond Doss injuries

He lost 5 ribs, was shot in the arm by a sniper, contracted TB (and lost his hearing, due to being overdosed with antibiotics) and spent 5+ years in VA hospitals. Read about

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