C.H. Hodges store, Newtonville, N.Y. 1930

Photo Details

This photo found in a collection of materials related to Newtonville, N.Y., Town of Colonie, Albany County. Store stood along Rt.9 Loudon Road in vicinity of the Newtonville Methodist Church near Maxwell Road. The people in the photo are unidentified, but may be members of the Hodge or Hodges family. Sign on front of store says Hodges without an apostrophe, but the back of the photo it lists Hodge's with an apostrophe. I can not find either name in the tax rolls for that time period, so the building may actually been owned by someone else and rented. Any help identifying this family would be appreciated. Contact Kevin Franklin, Historian, Town of Colonie, N.Y. at [contact link] Thanks
at Hodges General Store & Post Office & Gasoline Station, Newtonville, (Colonie) Albany Co, New York USA


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