Chapmans, Masonic Lodge, McIntosh County, Georgia Smith family photo
C Coleman-Chapman

Chapmans, Masonic Lodge, McIntosh County, Georgia

Masonic Lodge, Johnston Station, McIntosh County,GA. Identified in photo are: Standing, 7th from Left- Dr. David W. Baggs, MD, kneeling, 2nd from Left- Mr. Harry G. Williams,kneeling 3rd from left- Francis John Chapman, kneeling, 5th from Left- James Madison Twiggs Smith, kneeling 6th from left (With Hat) Thomas Jefferson 'Bud' Chapman, kneeling 1st from right- Thomas Edgar Houston, Altamaha Lodge was chartered in 1858. Two Confederate Army Vets pictured are Francis John Chapman and Thomas J. Chapman. ... show more

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Actually, Johnston Station was not in McIntosh County, but in Liberty County.
Oct 13, 2003 6:52 pm reply
The URL says "In 1920 that portion of McIntosh became what is now Long County. Johnston Station was a station on the A&G RR & its name was changed to Ludowici, GA in 1905, and is now the County Seat of Long County
Oct 14, 2003 3:42 pm reply
This can be found at [external link]~usgenweb/ga/photo/mcintosh/altamaha227.html
Oct 14, 2003 3:47 pm reply
Photo taken on
Chapmans, Masonic Lodge, McIntosh County, Georgia

Francis John Chapman

Born: unknown
Died: unknown