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My Half 4th Cousin, six times removed.

Was graduated at Dartmouth College, A.B., 1824, A.H. 1827, studied law under Stephen Moody, and was admitted to the bar. He settled in practice in
Concord, N.H., in 1828; was a representative in the state legislature, 1833-1837, adjutant and inspector-general of New Hampshire, 1839-1847, and
Democratic representative from New Hampshire in the 30th, 31rst and 32nd congresses, 1847-1853. He was appointed collector of the port of Boston,
Mass., by President Pierce, April 01, 1853, and served until March 04, 1857, when he retired to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He was a trustee of the
New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane, and a director of the Concord railroad. He was married December 09, 1846, to Mrs. Mary A. L. Dana, daughter of
Robert Harris of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He died in St. Paul, Minn., September 20. 1866. Died while on a visit to St. Paul. Interment at: Harmony
Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Source: The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume IIV
Dartmouth College in Hannover, New Hampshire.


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