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D'Lois Montgomery Beth this was your Dad's Uncle ..not cousin.Charles was first born to Henry and Nancy Montgomery...Thanks for including me in this..D'lois
Sep 06, 2003 · Reply
Mary Sexton Beth, This is Charles Montgomery.He was my Dad's Uncle. Dad told me he was killed in the war, at France he was a messenger.Cousin Mary
Sep 07, 2003 · Reply
D'Lois Montgomery Beth..I believethat my parents said that Uncle Charlie(Charles) waskilled in France three days before the war ended and that he was identified by his red-red hair and something with one of his toes...I cant recall what
Jan 17, 2004 · Reply
Beth Pearce "He'd had a toe cut off as a kid & Grama Nancy had sewn it back and doctored it with kerosene." according to Mary
Jan 18, 2004 · Reply
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