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This is a photo was just noted as "Clara" without a last name. For many years, family members had thought it was Clair Kirchner Welch, Ella's Wilke's daughter as no one was aware of any other Clairs or Claras in the family. Recently, we discovered another box of pictures that Ella had which included a photo of her with a brother Erik and sister Clara. Also in the collection were other photos of Clara which definitely proves that this is Clara Wilke - Ella's sister.

Mystery: Photo appears to be a professional picture of a young girl. Only the name "Clara" is written in the top left hand corner. My sister-in-law thinks it may be her mom: Clair Ellen Kirchner because it was found with her grandmother's belongings (Ella Kirchner). I think Clair, born in 1923, would have been too young when this photo was taken. Also her name is spelled differently and the facial expression is not the same so I am not sure who this person really is. It may have been someone from Germany that Clair was named after? If anyone knows for sure, please email me. Thanks!


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