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Clarence Mortimer Watrous, born July 10, 1891, in Connecticut, son of Ernest H. Watrous and Alice Rose Greene. Ernest and Alice married September 6, 1886, in Niantic, Connecticut. Clarence Watrous and his wife Pauline Ostrander are the parents of Robert H. Watrous (born June 7, 1914, and died March 6, 1995 in Contra Costa county, California). Clarence changed his legal name to his stage name, Henry Philip Schuler. I knew him as my Uncle Phil. He died May 5, 1986 in San Diego, California.


Mark Bramlette Ernest H. Watrous was born June 8, 1863 in Waterford, Connecticut, the son of John H. Watrous and his wife, Rosetta M. (Bush) Green. Ernest died May 24, 1903, at age 39. His widow next married John Foster Tucker.
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Mark Bramlette Alice Rose Greene was born September 6, 1869, Providence, Rhode Island, daughter of Oscar Byron Greene and his wife, Mary Frances Robinson. Alice died August 7, 1922, Los Angeles, California.
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