David Klimper, California 2002 Klimper family photo
Barbaraa Hargrove

David Klimper, California 2002

A photo of David Klimper enjoying his home in Woodland California in 2002.

About David Dean Klimper

david was a good friend of mine, he was born may 29 19 34 in colorado, got married at a really young age, of 19 joined the army, he and his wife had 5 children. he passed away sept 30 2009 in sacramento at u.c.davis hospital of malignant otitus exteral, a rare malignant ear infection. he loved his family and was dedicated to the very end to seeing to their comfort and well being. ...more info

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Photo taken at woodland, yolo county, California United States of America
David Klimper, California 2002

David Dean Klimper

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: David Dean Klimper