David Pactor, 1946 Pactor family photo
David Pactor

David Pactor, 1946

When I party, everybody parties! Same smile, same boobs!: This was a photo I was given on my thirtieth birthday by my siblings. I had never seen nor known of this baby picture.

About David Buster Pactor

David always was funny as a kid, a teenager, and an adult. But he was serious enough to have saved over forty lives. ...more info

The Mystery

Why wasn't I chosen by Gerber Foods as their spokesbaby?

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Photo taken at Home of Mom and Dad St. Louis, MO 63130
David Pactor, 1946

David Buster Pactor

Born: Apr 27, 1946 in St Louis, MO
Died: This person is still alive.
Also in this photo: David Buster Pactor at 67 years old