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Della C. Davis, originally from Eureka Springs, AK. Married to George Tilden Nelson of Carson City, NV (who had relatives living in Missori near Eureka Springs). They had 4 children together in Oakland. Tilden was a cook/chef. Sadly, they divorced and she married a mailman named Manly VanVranken. I think they divorced too. She died and is buried in Grants Pass, OR. I could never locate her headstone (I don't think there is one) but I did find Tilden's headstone in a different cemetery near his oldest son. It appears Della died lonely and alone as all arrangements were handled by an attorney and there was no funeral service. My Grandma Ida said that she was mean spirited but I don't think she looks all that mean, at least in this picture. Apparently, they lived across the street from each other in Oakland. Grandma Ida's daughter Lorraine married Della's son Ben and they had my mother Carole. My mother Carol could never recall any memories of her.
in Oakland, California USA


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