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Davis Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 25, 2020


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Name Origin

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Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

Robert W. Davis son of Charles Edgar and Louise F Frank Davis.
Preston County West Virginia.
Charles Edgar Davis born 1/5/1905. Louise F Frank born 08/08/1913

Early Davises

These are the earliest records we have of the Davis family.

1603 - Jul 27, 1683
1605 - 1692
1643 - March 1688
1649 - 1694
1658 - 1720
1663 - Apr 18, 1745
1678 - 1700
1682 - Feb 2, 1769
1685 - Unknown

Davis Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Davis Biographies

Unknown - Unknown
May 15, 1893 - September 1970
Dec 23, 1918 - Nov 15, 1999
May 17, 1955 - Apr 4, 2001
Feb 6, 1949 - Apr 17, 2009
Jan 24, 1954 - Nov 14, 2008
Jul 4, 1914 - October 1981
Mar 28, 1914 - Sep 29, 1991
May 9, 1976 - Jun 16, 1995
Sep 30, 1916 - Oct 13, 2001
Feb 15, 1914 - September 1981
Jul 21, 1921 - Nov 16, 2004
Sep 8, 1921 - Nov 22, 1995
Dec 20, 1883 - August 1968
Aug 11, 1923 - Nov 1, 2007
c. 1945 - Unknown
c. 1952 - Unknown
c. 1921 - Jun 5, 1922
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1916 - Unknown

Davis Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Davis family member is 69.6 years old according to our database of 417,622 people with the last name Davis that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.6 years

Oldest Davises

These are the longest-lived members of the Davis family on AncientFaces.

Dec 10, 1737 - Jul 9, 1857
119 years
Oct 13, 1856 - April 1975
118 years
c. 1794 - Apr 4, 1911
117 years
Jun 29, 1890 - Aug 24, 2005
115 years
Jan 1, 1864 - July 1979
115 years
Jul 18, 1863 - October 1978
115 years
Aug 8, 1888 - Apr 9, 2001
112 years
Mar 24, 1867 - September 1978
111 years
Nov 28, 1899 - Aug 10, 2011
111 years
Apr 26, 1866 - September 1977
111 years

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Jeanine Lacy
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Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Lizbeth Phillips
2 favorites
My ggg-Grandfather, Benjamin West Davis,settled in Chautauqua and Allegany counties in Western New York State.He had children by then:Stephen and Benjamin were two.Stephen Sweet Davis was my gg-Grandfather.He may have been born in Fredonia,NY in 1821.He had a wife,Caroline, and a son-I think Stephen. Much later, he had a wife,Maria Hoyt Rice.At this time, Stephen went into the army and fought in the Civil War.He got tuberculosis and came home.He died shortly thereafter.However, he did have a son with Maria by the name of Timothy Mosher Davis .Timothy married Carrie Belle Cole and had seven children .When half of them were grown,he took young ones and his wife to Erie County,Pa.One of his sons was Harold Allan,my Grandfather. Harold went to WWI as a radioman and chauffeur.When he returned from Europe, he married my Grandmother Izola McEntarfer of Union City , Pa.One of their children, Robert, is my father.
I have come to the conclusion, thru my own research, that Benjamin was amidst the mass exodus of pioneers who originated in New England and then hop-skipped counties along southern NYand northern Pennsylvania. He travelled among past and future relatives by the names of Hitchcock,Rice,Hoyt,Merrick,Davis ,Mosh-er,Cole, Crittenden, and Aldrich.Maxson is a name from past lines.
Jul 22, 2004 · Reply
Pam Marks
3.93k+ favorites
Christopher "Kit" Davis was born about 1616 in (presumed) Bishopwyck, England. It is unclear exactly when Kit Davis came to New York, but some believe that he first went to the Massachuesets Bay Colony around 1636 and then settled in Manhattan. From there Kit is believed to have moved to Fort Orange around 1638, finally settling in Ulster County, NY. There is a record of Kit, an English trapper, living in the hamlet of Connolly along Roundabout Creek in NY about 1651 and building a log cabin around 1654 in Redout Kill, NY.

In "The History of Ulster County, NY" by N. Sylvester (published in 1880): ".. it is noted that Kit Davis, a trapper, said a rumor floated among the Indians. This was a prelude to the first Esopus Indian War of 1659. Kit was an Indian interpreter. He liked this business, and the Indians liked him. At one point during the unrest, Officer Smith sent Chistopher Davis to the director with information of the true condition of Esopus. He went down the Hudson River in a canoe. This was on September 21, 1659. During one Indian attack, the daughter of Motagne was kidnapped. Kit, who now lived in Rensselaerwyck, was dispatched after her. It is noted that Kit's son, Jan, was also an Indian interpreter, and trapper, and at one time accompanied 5 Mohawks to solicit for the return of prisoners...."Christopher Davis being at Fort Orange, some Mohegan savages were sent to invite him down, for the Dutch wished his service to parley with some savages".

Kit Davis married Cornelia De Vos about 1644, and married second Maria Meertens about 1660 in Ulster, MY. Children of Christopher Davis and Maria Martensen are:
1. Isaac Davis, born Abt. 1661 in Marbletown,Ulster County,New York; died Abt. 1712 in Marbletown,Ulster County,New York; married Jannetje Maurits February 1690/91 in Kingston,Ulster County,New York.
2. Abraham Davis, born May 3, 1663 in Esopus,Ulster County,New York; died Unknown.
Baptism: May 3, 1663, Old Dutch Church,Kingston,Ulster Co.New York
3. Debora Davis, born January 24, 1664/65 in Esopus,Ulster County,New York; died Aft. 1693; married Hendrick Claassen Schoonhoven July 6, 1679 in Kingston,Ulster County,New York
4. Jan Davis, born Abt. 1670 in Marbletown,Ulster County,New York; died Unknown.
5. Marretje Davis, born Abt. 1672 in Marbletown,Ulster County,New York; died Unknown.
Sep 03, 2008 · Reply
Ramona Holbrook
36 favorites
File copy from United Methodist Churh archives..

William Albert Davis

William Albert Davis was born July 8th, 1865 at Marthasvill, Warren County, Missouri - Baptized by Bishop E. M. Marvin July 7th, 1867 - Converted in August 1881 in Bethel Church, Franklin County Missouri - Received into full connection in the Church at Faette in September 1881.
Entered Central College, Fayette, mo. in September 1881 - Graduated with the degree of A. B. in June 1886, and received the degree of A.M. in June 1887. Entered the Missouri Conference in September 1886. Served the following charges in the order named: Renick CT.: Prairie Hill Ct.: Jamison Ct.: Albany Ct.: West Fayette Ct.: Married Ada, the daughter of Dr. F. X. Forster March 6th, 1889, who died July 31st, 1890.
Went to Japan under appointment of the Board of Missions in September 1891. spent five years on the Uwajuma Ct.: one year on the Maysuyama District, then three years in America, one year of which was spent on the Rockville Ct. in the Pacific Conference. Returned to Japan in September 1900, and spent one year on the Yamaguchi Ct. Since that time he has been on the Kyoto Ct.
Married Mary F. Bice May 30, 1893.
During five years of pastoral work in America took part in the building of four churches.
In 1895 built a church in Uwajima with funds raised in Japan, all but $75.00. During eleven years in Japan had 133 baptisms in the various chrges served.
Nov 21, 2008 · Reply
Ricky Davis
4 favorites
My grandma(Goldie Mae Bebout) related to me that as a child her father worked for a railroad Company.She said that she had two brothers,who were older than her.When she was young her mother died from Influinza.Her father wasnt able to care for a young girl so he Placed her in an indian boarding school in the state if oklahoma,where she stayed till her 18th birthday.She hasnt seen ethier of her brothers since.
Sep 01, 2010 · Reply
Caroline Davis
1 favorite
i am a relation of john wenban and mary piper they were my gt gt gt grand parents on my fathers side there son jesse was my gt gt grand father his son walter was my gt grand father his daughter eileen wenban was my grand mother her son allen lewis was my father my name was caroline lewis i have two daughters lisa and kerry lisa has a daughter bailee and kerry has a son jaxon i have just started my familytree and have been amazed at how much help i have received. would love to hear from any relation to help with our search. regards caroline
Sep 05, 2010 · Reply
Imogene Hancock
2 favorites
I am searching for the children of John Davis, b. 1820..killed in action civil war..(1864) Married to Jane Dorcas Smith, b 1826...There were seven (7) daughters....They lived in Georgetown Co. SC...I am searching for four of the 7 daughters .Mary A., b.1847, Sarah, b. 1849,two other daughters born in 1851 and 1855. ,,I think Jane might have remarried to a man named Ballentine..After the war Jane was living in Charleeston, SC
Nov 09, 2014 · Reply
Ashton Underkoffler
33 favorites
My Great Grandmother was born on Nantucket Island and moved to Connecticut as a child. Her father owned. Ship building business and his twin brother was a famous ship captain. They all 3 lived and worked in Nantucket and Connecticut with my Great Grandmother Jessie eventually moving to Pennsylvania as an adult and marrying into the Long family. This was told to me by my mother as told to her by my Great Grandmother.
Aug 18 · Reply
Ashton Underkoffler
33 favorites
I have posted old photos on this website
Aug 18 · Reply
Daniel Pinna
5.01k+ favorites
Yes you have - I love the one of Jessie Althea Blanche Davis!
Aug 18 · Reply

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