Dr. George Thomas Caldwell, OH

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George T. Caldwell was a memorable pathologist whose mark was indelibly imprinted in early pathology in Texas. He inspired those ideals which he set for service to Medicine, to the community and to humanity.

Dr. Caldwell, an outstanding teacher and administrator, was born in Ohio in 1882. His interest in teaching was evident at an early age. He taught common school in Ohio immediately after graduation from high school and taught and tutored in primary schools and colleges as he slowly earned his various academic degrees. Ultimately, Dr. Caldwell received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Ohio State University in 1910, later a master's degree from Ohio State University in 1913, a PhD in Pathology and Physiology from the University of Chicago in 1918, and his medical degree from the Rush Medical College in 1919. Among the diplomas and awards displayed on his office wall in later years, however, there always hung his Life Certificate for Common School Teaching in Ohio.
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