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Earl Epperson is my greatgrandfather. He was born 6 Nov. 1890 in Union County, IA. He died 29th of October, 1913. in Denver, CO and is buried in Wray, Yuma, CO. He had married Miss Ina Ethel Good on 9 March 1913 in Wray, Yuma, CO. He didn't live long enough to see his only child, a girl born in December, 1913. He was the first son of Wm. Epperson and Hulda Armstrong Epperson

Earl helped to build the Epperson house that is on the National Registry for architecture in Jerome, Idaho. While doing so, he sustained scars on his face from the rocks that hit him.

Ina Ethel Good, his wife, was the daughter of Wm. Earl Good and Emma Lois Grace. Wm Good homesteaded in Idalia, Colorado in 1887-88


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