Ebenezer HUNTINGTON (b1764) 1 of 2 Huntington family photo
Peter Smith

Ebenezer HUNTINGTON (b1764) 1 of 2

SUMMARY OF the life of Ebenezer HUNTINGTON (b1764) pt 1 of 2, from HUNTINGTON GENEALOGICAL MEMOIR, 1633-1915, p433.

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Pennie Hendrickson Maybe I am not related to your Huntingtons , but I have a John Huntington 1666, from Connecticut and Abigail Lathrop ,John H,1691 Ct. and Thankful Warren,John H ,1726 CT and Mehetable Steele ,William H and William H and Presenda Lathrop 1761 CT.,and son William Huntington,1784 NY. Pennie Hendrickson
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Photo taken at Norwich, Connecticut USA on
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