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This photo has my Great Grandmother Effie Mae Duir in it, possibly the lady in front. Down front beside her is beleived to be her husband, Surname Childs. The ladys standing in back of them are unkown, possibly relatives we thought.

Mystery: Our family received this photo from my dad's brother. The photo was kept because it had my great grandmother in it. The time frame is in the 1920's and may have been a place of work as we beleive the gentleman Childs was a Doctor in Wisconsin. No relatives ever talked about them or had photos on the walls that us kids remember.
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Elizabeth Rogers I want to correct the information in this photo. In front is Flora Bell Winton, Gentleman is Phillip Duir. the ladies in the back standing are their daughters and Effie Mae Duir Childs is one of the girls. Sadly, none of us know which one is Effie, or the names of the others.
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