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Article posted in The Bee, a Danville, VA. newspaper, on Wednesday, October 2, 1962 concerning the murder of Mrs. Eva Dooley Sawyers in Radford, VA., a town approximately 120 miles from Danville.

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RADFORD, Va. (AP)--A 53-year-old railway engineer and a woman were found dead in his locked home last night in what authorities ruled murder and suicide. They are Cecil Davis, an engineer for the Norfolk and Western Railway, and Mrs. Eva Dooley Sawyers, 56, of Radford. Radford Police Chief W.D. Lorton Jr. said Mrs. Sawyers was shot through the left chest and Davis had a wound in his right temple. A pistol was clutched in his hand. Lorton said the bodies were discovered after Davis called a Radford funeral home around 9 P.M. and asked that an ambulance be sent to his residence on Railroad Avenue. When the ambulance arrived, doors of the house were locked. The ambulance driver notified police, who broke into the house. Neighbors reported they had heard shots earlier. Dr. C.R. Duncan, Radford medical examiner, said it "was fairly obvious" that Davis shot Mrs. Sawyers and then himself.
in Danville, VA


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